[OOC] DA:I – Well I Tried

I really did. I slogged through most of the boring stuff, I was at the last quest… where it sat for weeks. I can’t bring myself to finish, especially knowing that the “real” ending is in the DLC, which I can just look up anyway without missing too much.

Mostly I wanted to see the Cassandra romance, which had far fewer unique scenes than the Cullen one had, what I mean by that is conversations that are romance-specific. There are convos you get when you’re friends with them, and sometimes they have romance stuff in them, but still. There was really only one, versus Cullen’s three or four. This may be because Cullen, like the other advisors, doesn’t have an approval scale so you can’t accidentally miss any because of too-low approval. I know it took me a while to get Cassandra’s up, even though I always brought her along in my party. I don’t know, it just felt like his was a more complete storyline than hers, granted I could have missed some. I know I missed whatever happens at the “end”, but I’m going to look it up.

I’d hoped they would make improvements to the UI and combat in the year since I last played, but they didn’t. I still find it super frustrating to just play the game, which certainly doesn’t help its replay value.

Mr Hare and I were talking about how much less we liked it than the other games, and he mentioned that he thought the storyline wasn’t as good. While I agree with that, I think the story is at least the one aspect that sort of worked. (Granted, it works better as a human, and it seems to be a case that they simply ran out of time to finish the others.) I still find it really simplistic, as in 2, you really only have one major choice and it doesn’t affect anything at all in the end. I much preferred Origins for the variety of endings and the choices presented in each act. Even if they didn’t really, it felt like they made a difference.

Anyway, so it’s uninstalled again. Maybe I’ll try again in another year, but I rather doubt it.



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