[OOC] Legion Alpha – Affliction Warlock and Prot Warrior

Tried a couple more scenarios out.

Once again, wildly different difficulties. Well, the Warlock quest wasn’t really difficult, but it did involve a lot of running around to various places, fighting small mobs, etc. Worse, part of this quest is unphased, which is going to mean about 500 people competing for spawns/using clicky items on launch day. AND those same places are shared by more than one class, which feels kind of lazy to me. I enjoyed the spec pretty well, at least in this portion.


I think my Abyssal might be bugged…


I finished far enough to actually get my weapon. The scenario wasn’t too hard, on par with the other DPS ones I’d done. They require use of your class abilities, which I think is great! At one point I had to AFK for unrelated reasons (kid aggro) and it hinted at which ability I should use to get past an obstacle.


The way the artifact works is really clunky, though. It spawns neutral ghosts that you need to kill in order to get a buff. They spawn randomly, and I can see it being really annoying on a boss fight if you don’t get enough, or if you have to keep swapping to them. So then you do another scenario after you get the weapon, and this was where I ran into trouble. I feel like I must have been missing something really important, because I found this fight impossible. The boss does a ticking aoe that, as far as I can tell, cannot be avoided. It does 30k per tick, and I only have about 280k health, so you can do the math. I used both of my damage reductions, and got the buff from one ghost (that’s all that spawned in the short time), but I still can’t come close to beating this guy. I feel dumb because I know there are people who have done it, but I can’t figure it out. Maybe there’s a more experienced warlock who can give me a tip.

On the other hand, I tried out Prot Warrior too.


By comparison, their quest is super short and not too difficult at all. I did have a little trouble at one point, but the NPC has a failsafe and didn’t actually die. Why can’t the resto druid one have that?!


Apparently I died, or something.


While the Valhalla theme is neat, and looks great, it really doesn’t mesh with anything Warriors have previously done in WoW, and there are threads about that on the forums. I have to agree it seems kind of random, especially given the artifact. Like what does Deathwing have to do with Valhalla? Who knows!


But, I was able to finish this one and get the breadcrumb for the new zone, so I will try leveling with him to see how it goes. Combat does feel a little slower than on live, but I expect that may be because I’m in greens vs. higher quality gear. Also, you get talents and abilities from your artifact, I only have one so far though. I’ll try out the questing zones in the next couple of days, I have this warrior and the Frost DK I can use.

And in case you needed a reason why class halls are a bad idea, I present you this:


Now imagine this x100, anytime you need to visit your class hall. Fun!


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