[OOC] Legion Alpha – Balancing Act

Lots of pictures behind the cut, as well as some thoughts about the artifact scenarios.

Naturally the first thing I had to do was make a demon hunter. Visually they are pretty neat, this is likely close to how DH-Harrier will look. Their voices are also different from the standard night elf voice, which scared me a little. I had to go back and double check that regular night elves still kept their old voices. (They do.)


I didn’t yet finish the starting zone, but it’s been pretty straightforward so far. I really wish every class could have a double jump.

Next I made a fake Ornasse, in order to see the resto druid scenario, and to see how differently things play. I’m really bummed about the removal of Nature’s Swiftness, also, killing things as resto is still a chore. Hurricane was removed as well, which I can’t imagine will make things easier. You can switch into moonkin form without changing specs, but it didn’t seem like a huge damage increase, and then I had to switch out to heal anyway. Granted, some of the problem might have been my 680 greens, but the questing and scenarios need to be tuned to that for people who have just used their boost. More on that later.

So it’s your typical druid-y stuff.


Your quest starts in Dalaran, where an NPC will literally follow you around and hound you until you accept their quest. Wow, pushy.


Lol wow you noobs, mog your gear.

Back in my day we never had fancy beds in our barrow dens!

So in the resto scenario, you need to heal your party while they fight a big boss. Pretty standard stuff, but either the damage is way overtuned or the healing is way undertuned, because I had a heck of a time with it, and failed four times. I tried swapping talents, used all my cooldowns, changed my affinity, nothing seemed to make a difference. I imagine in my current raid gear it would be okay, but as I said above, this needs to be tuned for boosted 100s. I can only imagine someone boosting a healer to try it out, and then running into this brick wall and throwing up their hands in frustration. I hope it’s fixed later on. I logged in this morning to give it another shot, and I’d been ported back to Dalaran, and I can’t get back into the scenario. So unless I make another druid, I can’t test it anymore for now. I may do another spec just in order to see the other ones, but I don’t think I can get over those god-awful ugly bear forms.

In contrast, I tried out some DPS specs to see how they play. Some of which were ones I haven’t played such as fire mage and frost DK. I had absolutely no trouble finishing their scenarios.


I hope you like cheesy title graphics, because they’re back!

The frost DK scenario was actually pretty cool, both lore-wise and from a gameplay perspective. There was a creative use of death grip at one point. What I don’t like is that the game is doubling down on the “making everyone special” thing. And it’s even worse because now you’re surrounded by dozens of other people of your class, all with the same special title. Like you literally get made the leader, Mograine just hands his job off to you. What?


Here’s a funny bug from the fire mage one. I guess he cast Mirror Image!


I also made two that I expected to dislike: Survival Hunter and Combat (oh sorry, cheesy pirate) Rogue. To add insult to injury, the rogue NPC is from Ravenholdt. Get the hell out of here.


I ended up deleting both before finishing their scenarios.

There’s a lot of specs I would like to try but aren’t in the game yet. I did make a Resto¬†Shaman¬†but I don’t think their quest is in yet, because no NPC came to harass him. I’m curious to see if the other healing scenarios are as difficult as the druid one is.


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