[Story] Imralion’s Journal

I still don’t understand Aeramin at all. First of all, the massage thing didn’t work as well as I thought it would. I mean it did for a while, but then he went back to staying in his study all the time again. I think he was more confused by it than anything. Why would he be confused, am I not allowed to do something nice for him? If he doesn’t want me to, then why am I even bothering? It’s just frustrating. Then I know he wants me to take more interest in Lyorri so I wanted to go along with him to visit her. He was really confused by that and I think he would have made me stay behind by force if he could have. He asked probably like a hundred times if I was sure. Then when we got there he kept acting really strangely. Like he didn’t want to talk about her at all or play with her or anything. And then he asked why I was doing it. Does he really not know? I said I would try, and I am. I wish he would try to see things from my point of view too. At one point he went into the bathroom for a really long time. That was kind of embarrassing and I don’t think Kestrae knew what to do either. I was about to go and check on him but then he finally came out. In the end he decided that he’s going to visit twice a day now, because he wants to see her without me there or something. I thought that was pretty mean but I didn’t say anything because Kestrae was right there, but why would he do that? He’s worried that Lyorri won’t like him or know who he is, but he sees her all the time. She’ll know. I’m the one who will just be some person she sees sometimes. I guess it doesn’t bother me too much, but I wish I could be that excited about her. I am trying though.

Ordinicus wasn’t home because he was showing houses to Keyalenn and Des. It seems a little odd to be doing so in the winter, but I guess it makes sense so they can decide on the plans now and be ready to build once it’s warm. They both just passed their mage exams so they are eager to find their own place. Aeramin said that Keyalenn got engaged to that other mage student, I bet Lin will be relieved to hear that. She hasn’t heard back from the Spire yet but she said she’s had to go meet with people a couple of times, and she had to take our mother with to prove she exists or something like that. I guess that means we’ll be getting some of our father’s money soon. Well, she will. I still don’t want any of his money, it wasn’t good enough for us when he was alive, why should I want it now? Lin can take it if she wants.

I don’t know what to do about Aeramin though. Everyone says I should try to get to know Lyorri and I am, but it’s not working and he’s just getting weird about it. I hope Kavia has some other ideas because this one isn’t going so well.


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