[OOC] To Alt or Not to Alt

Legion’s now in Alpha and no, I’m not in it, but that means a lot more information has been datamined. And while the new zones and models look nice, I’m still at an all-time hype low for WoW. The changes to hunters, previously my favorite DPS class, mean that I’m pretty much hanging mine up if they go live as they are. I also am absolutely disgusted with the changes to Combat rogues, from the cheesy pirate theme to having to dwell in the sewers of Dalaran (huh???) for 2+ years. I get the desire to bring back “class identity”, the problem is when you force players to adhere to your particular vision of it. My rogue isn’t a pirate. Why are you forcing him to become one? There’s also no way I’m touching my alt druids; the idea of being able to customize your animal forms is great! Too bad they’re all neon abominations that don’t look anything like actual bears or cats.

All of this means that me, a die-hard altoholic (it’s the title of my blog!), will probably be scaling back my alts significantly in Legion. I will continue to play my main, a resto druid. Thank goodness he won’t have any crayon-colored new forms to deal with, only a tepid and boring weapon.

And, I mean, what is really being added? Artifact weapons. Okay, another legendary grind hidden in an ugly fancy skin. I bet I’ll love grinding that out for every alt. Class halls? Another garrison, my number one hated feature of WoD. I can’t wait! Diablo 3-style dungeons and RNG legendaries? Well, I don’t play Diablo 3 and there’s a good reason for that. Spoilers: I don’t like it. Demon Hunters? Eh, I will make one to play the starting zone, but it’s not something I’ve been burning with desire for. And I don’t like to play melee, so it’ll end up shelved.

That said, the specs that I do have some potential interest in, and would like to try in beta:

Holy/Prot Paladin – Prot paladin is currently my favorite tank, and Holy is losing Holy Power, which was honestly a mechanic that I never liked. I’d be way more hyped for this if I could finally have a night elf paladin, but as of now it looks like we won’t get any more class/race combos.

Holy Priest – I’m curious to see if they can actually make Holy fun and more importantly, competitive again. Some of the new spells look interesting.

Mistweaver Monk – Losing fistweaving makes me sad, but the loss of chi makes me happy. Curious to see how they will play as I currently enjoy my mistweaver a fair amount.

Demonology Warlock – I never liked the Metamorphosis mechanic, so DHs can keep it as far as I’m concerned. It is my hope that they regain their focus on pets and commanding swarms of demons. Also, theirs is the ONLY artifact weapon that I have any interest in. A floating skull is both funny and cool.


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