[OOC/Screenshots] Alliance Complete!

One of my main goals for SWTOR was to finish leveling my alliance before the next chapter drops in February. As I mentioned before, your alliance is pretty much SWTOR’s version of a garrison: you complete missions for your various departments which raises your influence (reputation) with them, as well as rewarding cosmetic gear, companion gifts and sometimes fun stuff like mounts and house items. Because this is quite a time investment, I’m only doing it on Kazta, my main. I’m unsure whether it will affect the story line or not — my guess is not, but if it does my alts are in trouble!

I finished it up the other day. You get a mount from each division (Hylo’s from the Underworld Logistics is really neat, it’s a neon magenta with flashy Nar Shaddaa-looking symbols on it), and for maxing all four you get the “Alliance Commander” title. As a military gal, Kazta is perfectly happy to wear that hat.

I still have plenty of content left to do. I’d like to finish leveling everyone through the new KotFE content, as well as run all the flashpoints and try the space combat. I could go for the datacrons (permanent stat boosts) as they’re now account wide, but you know how I feel about jumping puzzles in MMOs… and SWTOR’s engine is particularly fussy about it. I also would like to decorate my Imperial stronghold (house), which will probably entail spending a lot of money on furniture. But as I’ve been running heroics for a couple of months, my bank account is pretty full at the moment.


In other SWTOR news, I was able to get a commission slot from Moonjelly. She’s the same artist who previously drew Ornasse, Marjolaine, and the draenei sisters. I love how Snacky looks!





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