[Story] The Ghostclaw – Anorelle’s Journal

There’s another new ranger, well, newer than myself so I’m no longer the newest. He’s another death knight. I’d never really seen one before I came here, let alone talked to one, so I wasn’t sure what to think at first. I met Orledin first, and he’s very quiet and gentle. I suspect that most death knights aren’t like that, or perhaps they are and people just assume things. This new one doesn’t seem dangerous either. The worst thing I could say about him is that he’s stubborn; he doesn’t want to learn how to use the bow. I struggle with it myself, and I know there are others who did as well. The captain allows us to bring a sword on patrol as well, so I don’t see why it’s such a big deal. I’m not just going to give up because I don’t get it right away, that’s the only way you become better at anything. And I am getting better, at least I think so. I still sometimes forget my correct positioning and Sunashe has to correct me, but it’s less than it was before. And I always hit the target now, if not the center. I hope I’ll be able to go on a real patrol soon. I think I’m ready.

Salenicus — that’s the new death knight’s name — says that he doesn’t want to learn to use a bow, which I suppose is his right but if I were in his place I wouldn’t be trying to cause trouble. He said that one reason is because he’s afraid he’ll get a crease on his hand that won’t go away. I didn’t even think about that. How strange to live so that nothing ever heals! I can’t really blame him for worrying. I explained that he could wear gloves, I know they make special gloves for shooting bows with the fingers open. I’m sure that would prevent any crease from forming. He said he liked the idea, but Sunashe didn’t. But I’m sure it should be allowed because it’s a special situation. From what I’ve heard the captain is quite accommodating if people need something. We talked a bit about how he died. It’s probably not a subject that he enjoys discussing; in hindsight it was probably rude of us to do so, but he didn’t seem upset. He doesn’t remember actually being dead, but he died by drowning during the attacks. The Scourge had flying monsters that attacked from the air, and they picked people up and dropped them into the water. Vellira told me that she used to live on a ship, I wonder if they ever had that happen.

He spoke a bit about Ebon Hold, and his old duties. Evidently it was his job to locate death knights who had gone missing and things like that. I wonder what made him decide to leave, though I didn’t ask that aloud. Everyone here mistrusts and fears him, though at least Orledin and Sorrowmoss must understand what it’s like. The captain allows them to stay though many of the townspeople disagree with it. They patrol at night, and avoid the roads so people don’t see them. Salenicus said they should be grateful for the protection, but I am sure some of them don’t see it that way. I can certainly relate to that. I often felt the same as a guard.

Speaking of, Julan hurries away anytime I see him. I wish he understood that I’m not going to arrest him. Then again, he hides from Orledin and Salenicus too. I’m not sure why he’s afraid of them, maybe he had a bad experience with death knights before. But as I said, I doubt they behave like the average death knight.  


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