[Story] Thorns – Back to Normal

Things are back to normal, sort of. It feels like we’ve been away forever, but Josie said nothing much had happened while we were away. I’m not sure if that’s really true, there’s usually at least some gossip happening. She said the shop was busy over the holiday, and they had a list of   special orders that people want done. I’m glad for that, gives me something to do again. In a way I miss the blood elf school, which seems a little strange. Aside from being worried about being turned into a rat or something, I liked it there. I could almost see myself staying, but I guess eventually I would have missed Stormwind. I missed Pup, for sure. He’s upset with me, I can tell. He wanted to go along with us, and he’s mad because I said I wouldn’t leave again. I couldn’t have known how long it was going to take. I wish I could stop disappointing him. I never mean to do it, but it keeps happening anyway. I hope he won’t be angry with me for too long. Josie never said she missed us, though she did say she was worried. I guess that’s something. She made us cookies, too. They’re not as good as the fancy cakes at the mage school, but they were warm and comfortable. We told her about the school and the parties, about the ghosts. Nash casually mentioned that I stayed in his room. I mean, it’s not like it was supposed to be a secret or anything, but I still thought it was strange. I don’t know what’s going to happen now. I told him back before anything went on that I was still with Rose, as long as she wants me there. Josie said Rose loves me. I know that’s not true, because she’s never told me that. I think she probably said something like she wished that I was here, to work in the shop, and Josie interpreted it her own way. She’s not trying to be deceptive or trick anyone, she just always sees the best in people. I wish I was more like that sometimes. When we got home, she was out on an errand. She was surprised to see us, but I don’t know if I would say she was happy. Sometimes it’s hard to tell with her.

She didn’t want to see me that night. That’s fine. I fixed up a cot for Nash in my work room, but he didn’t need it. My room is a lot more comfortable anyway. Nash’s things in his old room are long gone by now, so I said I’d go and get him some new things in the shops. Most of it will probably be a bit loose, but it should be okay otherwise. We have to meet with the mage to deliver his book. That’ll be another pile of gold, and Nash should get the largest portion. He’s the one who had to translate it, and attend all those magic classes, anyway. I have my own, from all of the clocks that I made for the school. I wish I could get jobs that paid that well all the time.

Josie wouldn’t tell us much about what it was like in the portal, except that they were in a forest, and they had striped shirts. I saw them, they brought some back for us. I guess they’re pretty warm, but they look ridiculous.


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