[Story] Imralion’s Journal

I went by Murder Row to check on my contact there. I was happy to see that the place he’s living is better than it was before, it’s been cleaned up and there is some furniture. It’s old, but it’s not bad. There aren’t any blood stains anywhere, either. He must be doing okay, because a customer was leaving just as I got there. I guess he probably wasn’t too happy about having to talk to me instead of work, but he was polite. He offered me something to drink. Mostly I wanted to talk about whether there had been any more people going missing. He said there hadn’t, though the one from before still hadn’t been found. That’s something at least. Kuul said that kid was only in his 30s. I can’t believe they let kids that young work out here, but I guess there’s no one to stop it. I wonder if Aeramin was working that young. I told Kuul that I was able to track down the name of the renter from the Spire, but I’d been unable to find many more records or information about him, which means it was most likely a false name. I kind of expected that, but it’s still discouraging. My hope is that my investigating made him move on somewhere else, or maybe stop altogether. I told Kuul to contact me if anything else happens. It’s my hope that the people who live and work here will be a bit more alert too, but I guess they can’t afford to be too picky about their work.

We kind of got onto the topic of Aeramin too, I mean I figure he knew him and might have some insight. But it sounded like they just knew each other in passing, they weren’t together or anything like that. I told Kuul a little about the situation but he didn’t have any advice really. It was still helpful to talk to someone about it, though. I brought up the idea of him going to work with the rangers. I think it’d be a lot more safe, and he’d have a place to live for free in addition to getting paid. Plus, he’d know someone there. But he didn’t really seem to like the idea very much, he was worried about Scourge. He’d been out in the woods when the attacks happened and it scared him a lot, which I can understand. And some people just don’t like the woods, that could be part of it too. I told him to think about it though. I told Kuul that I wanted to do something nice for Aeramin, because I felt like he’d been unhappy lately, and I went to the shops and got some fancy oils and soaps and things. I was all excited to use them when I got home, but it was pretty late and he’d already gone to sleep, so I had to wait until the morning. He was kind of grumpy at first, probably because it was early in the morning, but then he was just confused. I told him I just wanted to do something nice, not sure if he believed that though. I also want him to know that I love him and I haven’t forgotten about him. Hopefully it worked.


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