[Story] The Ghostclaw – Faeris’s Journal

I’m supposed to write back to my father and tell him how I’m doing out here, what I’m learning and what valuable skills and life lessons being a ranger has taught me. At least I’m making some progress on that front, I think, I know which part of the bow to hold. I’ve not really got any better at shooting it, but Sunashe (or Grumpyfoot as he’s sometimes called — not to his face, of course) yells slightly less, so I take that for progress. I think my father would be less excited to learn about the death knights and Murder Row workers there. I’m actually tempted to put that in my letter, just to imagine his face when he reads it. On the other hand, the new woman trainee used to be a guard, it’s kind of ironic to think they’ll be working next to each other soon.

I know what he’d say if I mentioned that I spend a lot of time with Julan, so I won’t. I just say that he’s one of the other rangers here, no mention of where he used to work. I guess it’s a little strange, I mean, if we’d both stayed in the city I probably would have run into him sooner or later, but I think it’s better this way. It can’t have been a very good life. Things are quiet here, and really boring sometimes, but no one has to worry about getting murdered or where they’re going to get their next meal. Actually the food is pretty good, especially the bread. The bread that’s made by an undead. I’ll just put the usual generic everything-is-fine nonsense and he’ll believe it because he wants to.

At first I hated being here, but I actually kind of like it now. Maybe being out in the woods does that, makes you think about things. I think I’d be less happy if Julan wasn’t here, everyone else is so serious all the time. He actually wants to do things like pranks, and go swimming in the river, once it’s warmer of course. Right now we’d probably freeze things off. Ty can be okay too, but he’s always worried that Sunashe or the captain is going to find out about things. What’s he going to do, send me back to the city? But maybe I could actually be a ranger. Stranger things have happened, right? I should talk to that other woman, the guard. She’s studying the maps every night and I bet she could help me learn them too. Also she’s better at the bow than I am.

Oh yeah, and Julan got a bird. Not just a bird, a seagull. I really hope he can train it to poop in the same place and not all over the building. Right now it’s injured so he’s keeping it inside in a towel, and he feeds it bread but I think they eat pretty much anything. When we used to go to the island as a kid there would be seagulls there and they would grab the food right out of your hands. I’m not really the biggest fan, but Julan seems to really like it so I’ll be nice to it. I still think it needs a name though. (Sir Poops a Lot.)

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