[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

I’m kind of worried about Aeramin. He was drinking at the party, which isn’t too unusual but apparently he drank a lot. Enough that he passed out at home and had imps stuck in his hair. How does that even happen? That’s really creepy. What worries me even more is that his father was encouraging him to do it. The only reason I can think of is some bizarre kind of payback for the past. Why else would he encourage Aeramin to make the same mistakes that he did, especially after he’s been doing well for so long? I didn’t come out and say it, but I’m afraid he might be doing just that. That’s not the kind of example he should be setting for his daughter. Of course, I can’t lecture Aeramin. I’m not his father and I’m not his boyfriend, I’m just some guy. But I really don’t want him taking Lyorri if he’s going to be drinking. She doesn’t need to be around that, and it’s not safe.

He keeps having trouble with Im, too. I wish he’d listen to us about that, but he’s convinced that Im hates Lyorri and won’t ever want anything to do with her. I don’t know the guy very well, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. I think if he gradually gets to know her then he’d like her, right now he just sees her as a reminder of what happened, and not as her own person. If he actually spent some time with her, maybe he’d change his mind. I mean, she’s really cute, how could he not? Aeramin said Im told him to take her away at the party, which sounds really mean, I can’t really imagine him saying that. Maybe I ought to talk to him, or it might just make things worse, I don’t know. Aeramin said that in his place, he would have talked Im into keeping Lyorri. That scares me, I mean he says things like that then he says he knows she’s better off with us. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone to take her back now, not to Lyorri or to Kes, or to me for that matter. I’m worried that he might try, though, if he keeps saying things like that. I guess that’s what being a father is mostly about, worrying about things all the time.

Oh, and he’s worried about Im deciding to stay with that girl instead of him. I admit I don’t really understand the situation, why he’d need someone else when he already has Aeramin. He says he’s okay with it, but I don’t really see how he could be. Especially since he said he chose Im over Lyorri. I’m glad Kes doesn’t want anyone else.

Two of the students up at the school are preparing for their exams. I hope they do well, it would look good for the school to have more graduates. Kes said she thinks they both plan to stay on after, which would mean all three of the graduates have stayed. Hethurin will have to add on more buildings if everyone does that! But I guess it’s testament to how much they like it, if they want to stay even after they’ve finished.


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