[Story] The Ghostclaw – Anorelle’s Journal

I don’t know how well my training is going. I’ve been practicing every day and I think I have it down but then my arrows never seem to hit the center. Sometimes they don’t even hit the target. Sunashe says I’m overthinking it, I just need to train my muscles to do it on their own. Maybe he’s right, but it’s embarrassing to keep doing it badly. I’m afraid they’re going to tell me to pack up my things and move back to the city. I know it takes time, but I feel like the only one who’s struggling with it right now. Sunashe suggested that I practice stringing and preparing my bow as well, because it’s a skill you need while on patrol, and to get better acquainted with the parts and how it works. It looks simple, but it’s not. When you get one side properly taut, the other is loose again, and if the whole thing is too tight it’ll snap the sinew when you try to use it. Too loose, and the arrows won’t fly properly. Then you need to wax the sinew to keep it supple, I haven’t even made it to that step yet. I have been working hard at studying the maps, too. In the city it’s very simple, you follow the roads and they’re clearly marked. Some of the larger trails have names on the maps, but no signs. The only signs are on the central main road, which we don’t usually patrol anyway because the Scourge generally don’t go there. I think seeing them in person will help it all connect in my head. I’ve asked to go along on one soon, I hope he’ll agree to it.

I was talking to Arancon last night while I worked on my bow. He said that Sunashe allows him to bring his sword along. I’d planned to do that anyway, it’s always better to have a weapon in case one of them gets close. He said he also has a crossbow, which surprised me a little because of how vocal Sunashe is about them. I suppose once you’ve been here long enough and proven yourself, he might trust you with one. I am not to that point yet, but I hope to be. Part of it is just pride, I must admit. I don’t want to give up and say that it’s too difficult, I’ve always managed to do anything I tried as long as I kept at it. I am sure this is the same. I have a lot of strength in my arms from sword training, so it’s just a matter of becoming more precise with my aim. I can do that. I hope.

We spoke about his son and grand-daughter a lot. It was nice that he trusted me enough to tell me those things, but I wish I could have been more help. It can’t be an easy situation for anyone, and I didn’t want to stay on the subject too long because I could tell that it upset him. I’ve seen his son and grand-daughter before, they were at the ball. She is cute, he’s a very proud grand-father. I wonder if she’ll be a ranger one day, or a mage like her parents. It’s impossible to tell how things will turn out in the future. I certainly never thought I’d be here, but it’s nice. I hope I can be put onto a patrol soon, but I like everyone so far and there aren’t any of the problems I had with the guard. People here are more genuine, maybe because they see the reality of things. Or maybe it’s just that we’re in the country. Either way, I like it. I hope I’ll see snow soon, the captain said it’s cold enough for it.


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