[Story] Fairsong Academy – Renner’s Journal

I’ve never spoken to many blues, so I don’t know if that one is strange or not. But she certainly seems strange. I was sure that she wouldn’t remember — people usually don’t remember something so far ahead in their own future — but she did. She said that she wondered what happened to the strange elf that she found. I suppose having an elf fall out of the sky into your yard would be memorable.

I don’t think she’d had cake before, which isn’t too surprising if she’s been living in the middle of the crystal forest with no one around. She didn’t really explain why, which I found a little suspicious. I can’t think of any reason why someone would want to be away from everyone else, unless they’re doing something suspicious. Probably magical experiments or something. She definitely hadn’t had spinach rolls, I put some of those on her plate, and the other little foods too. They taste really good, but you have to eat a lot in order to get full, but fortunately Tik knows that and makes plenty. He must have been cooking for the past week. So then she said that she’d been working on learning about the light. I thought that was really strange, I’ve never heard of a blue dragon or really any mage studying the light. She said it was a different kind of magic and worked entirely differently, also it would be useful for healing people. All of those things are potentially true, I just thought it strange. She said she was going to try and work at the clinic in town, with Hethurin’s sister. I hope it’s not just a front to eat people’s magic or something like that. Do blues do that? I bet they could.

She also expressed interest in staying here at the school, to help Hethurin improve his wards and help with the students. While I don’t see how it could hurt anything (I mean, provided she’s not stealing anyone’s magic), I’m sure Hethurin will feel differently. It’s only been a couple of weeks for him, and he’s still angry about the shackles, which I can understand. I didn’t explain all of his past to her, I don’t think it’s my place and it wouldn’t change what happened, anyway. But he’s likely more upset than even most mages would be, with good reason. It might help if I could vouch for her, but I’m not entirely sure of her motivations myself. Although it would be funny to tell Zarah that another female is staying here. I bet she’d get jealous and come here to see her for herself. That would be something.

It’s got to be better than lurking around the forest alone. If she posed as a student, she wouldn’t be able to teach anyone. But maybe she could take over Hethurin’s arcane lessons until he feels better. She’d do a lot better job at it than he does. I don’t really like pretending to be a student, it’s a little embarrassing, but it causes a lot less fuss this way. We could just say she’s a temporary instructor, or she could live in the house with the female students and keep an eye on them. I don’t know. That all assumes that Hethurin will be willing to let her stay, he can be awfully stubborn sometimes. Worse than me, even.

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