[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

The new baby is here. His name is Zeran, Nessna made me pick it out because she said she didn’t have any ideas. I think it’s more that she just wanted me to name him. Which is okay, I just hope he likes it. I don’t know where it came from, I hope it’s not too close to anyone else’s name but I think it’s fine. I might have fainted just a little bit, because I was worried a little. Not because of the blood or anything. Maybe partly. I’ve seen cats have kittens but it’s really not the same at all, also I’m pretty sure it’s less painful for the cats. I guess I can see why she’s not too eager to talk about any more just yet. Her sisters were there and they both know a lot about babies. Her father was supposed to be, but something happened to Hethurin again and he hurt his leg, so he needed to attend him. He came to visit soon after though, I guess it was when I was sleeping so I missed him. Babies need a lot of care so I get some sleep when I can. I’m not really sure what happened with Hethurin, I hope everything is okay. That boy gets into a lot of trouble!

A lot of well-meaning people have been saying that I must be excited to be a father now. I mean I am, but I was before. I am worried that Rylad might not like his new brother, or be worried that I don’t love him as much or something. I am doing things with him to make sure he doesn’t feel ignored, I also told him that he is the big brother and needs to help look out for Zaren. Hopefully he will want that job, I’m not sure if he is too interested in him yet. He’s seen other babies before, at the school, but he tends to get bored with them quickly because they can’t run around or play. I figure when they’re older they will be good friends, at least I hope so. I never had a brother but I imagine it is a lot more fun than having sisters. Especially little sisters.

I hope Zeran can go to the winter ball at the school. Esladra said it should be safe as long as no one is sick, I guess we can ask Hethurin beforehand if any of the students are. I know no one here is. Besides all of the food and decorations and dancing, I like the winter ball because it’s where I first talked to Nessna, even if it was just about ranger things. It still counts. I haven’t got her a gift yet, we’ve both been so busy with Zeran and finding Orledin, but I need to get her something. She doesn’t need a new bow or armor, so I’m not sure what. Though she liked the jewelry I got her before, she doesn’t really have much opportunity to wear it, and honestly I think she’d prefer something more practical anyway. Maybe I should ask Isandri when I see her. Our parents want us to bring Zeran over so they can meet him, and I’m sure she will come too. I just hope Thero is busy that night.

Oh, and since we found Orledin, I wrote to the other death knight to tell him that he can come begin training now. I hope he does all right. Maybe he and Orledin can be friends. I’m glad he’s back, and I’m also glad to have fresh bread every day, his is really the best.


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