[Story] Berwick’s Notes

Thalien is alive. I don’t know how it’s possible, but Xyliah is so sure that it’s him. It definitely looks like him, and it acts like him, but how could he have survived? How did he find us here after all of this time? I know I should believe what’s in front of me, but it all seems so impossible. Xyliah believes it’s him, and she’s really happy, so I shouldn’t question it. She hasn’t let him leave her sight since she saw him. There are some injuries, nothing too serious, and she’s tending to them. The stablemaster patched him up initially. I’ve been getting fruit and things from the school for him to eat, he still likes those although I would guess probably all dragonhawks do. I want to talk to him, to ask what happened, but of course he can’t tell us. I spent so long feeling responsible for his death that now he’s alive I’m not certain how to feel. I mean, it’s a relief of course, but it’s also confusing. If he is alive, how was I still captured? I’m not blaming him — or Xyliah — but I don’t understand.

The nights are getting cold here now, there’s frost on the ground in the mornings. I’d rather move into one of the houses but Xyliah wants to stay near Thalien in the loft. I don’t see why he can’t stay inside the house, but I know better than to argue. Besides, it’s not so bad with all the blankets, and it’s an excuse to stay close together. I keep thinking of warm places; Stranglethorn or Tanaris. Maybe even back to Pandaria, there were so many places there we never got to. We’ll have to wait until Thalien is mended, of course, and I wonder what we’ll do with two dragonhawks. I was worried that Caras might feel jealous, but he seems merely curious about the new arrival. I made sure to give him some fruit too, so he didn’t feel left out.

Tik told me that Hethurin is back, but that we’d have to wait to see him until he was feeling better. Maybe he was the one who found Thalien? That wouldn’t explain how he was injured though, Thalien would never hurt anyone unless he felt threatened. I guess the answers will have to wait a bit longer. Maybe it’s wrong of me, but I can’t help but feel a little jealous if Hethurin is the one who found him. The way Xyliah’s face lit up when she saw him alive… I wish it could have been me who did that.


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