[OOC/Screenshots] DA:I – One Year Later

Lately I’d got the itch to play DA:I again, I’m not really sure why as I actually had uninstalled it from my computer because of how much space it took up. But it has been just about a full year since I last played it in earnest, and I thought that maybe they’d patched out some of the issues I had with it last time.

The answer is: no, my fundamental problems with the game, namely its poor controls, still exist. The combat, especially for anything but a mage, is really pretty terrible, and looting and moving are still clunky, as are the menus. Still, I’m hoping I can keep the motivation going to finish this playthrough as I’m making different choices this time around. I’m also playing as a human noble, which kind of seems to be the default that the writers had in mind. So I won’t be a Dalish elf having people explain my own beliefs to me…

First thing I checked was to see if my previous saves still existed (they did!) and go back and watch all the interesting conversations from that.

There’s a lot of Templar Boyfriend in there. What can I say, I’ve liked him since Origins 😛

It’s really a challenge to make a decent-looking male in this game. I think I did okay, though he still looks kind of weird in a lot of them. Also, one of my other main complaints, the odd shiny surfaces, still persists. Though I think that might be an issue with my graphics card.

I don’t have any plans to purchase any of the DLC, even the one that contains the “real” ending, just because it makes me cranky to have to do so. I’ve seen screenshots of the Cullen one on Tumblr anyway. Still, I believe DA:I is $15 on Steam right now for the holidays, which is certainly a good deal.



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