[Story] Beneath Dalaran

Renzdormu glided on the currents above the crystalline forest, his wings spread wide to catch the meager updrafts. Below him, the forest was as still as death: no small creatures scurried among the brush, no birds flitted from branch to branch. The only movement anywhere was the elf, tumbling down from the walls of Dalaran. His cloak fluttered around him like futile wings. As every time the dragon had watched the scene, he felt the urge to intervene, to pluck the elf up into his claws before he landed and avoid what was to come. But that would only complicate things further and, he thought — not without a hint of spite — maybe the painful arcane thorns would help the lesson sink in this time. How could he have done it! After everything they had both seen and been through. Renzdormu watched the mage cast his spell, slowing his rush toward the ground, and his landing in the thorny brambles. Then the woman discovered him and took him inside.

He had informed Des and the other student of the situation. There was no way he could bring either of them along, but they deserved to know what was happening. And he hoped it might prove useful, for the younger at least. Des had been there for everything, she ought to know well enough why there were rules. But then, so should Hethurin. Even besides the danger of unexpected irregularities, the timeline itself would be too dangerous for two blood elves. Hethurin had entered the city during the Purge, when any sin’dorei would be captured or killed on sight, depending on the whims of the mages. Disguises were possible, but their illusion spells would likely not be advanced enough to trick the Dalaran magisters — particularly when they were keenly alert for such things. Renner, however, could change his appearance as he wished — and his eyes were blue in their natural state. And he was much better equipped to deal with a bad situation, should it come to that. From the distance, he could not tell whether the elf in the house who had found Hethurin was a dragon or not. It was likely, he thought. Who else would choose to live in such a place? Renner had limited dealings with blue dragons; he was not sure how reasonable one would be, nor for what reason they would choose to keep Hethurin. He knew they guarded dangerous mages — Sanimir among them — but Zarah had arranged that. The younger timewalker asked if Renner would fight with the blue dragon if needed. He could scarcely imagine that! He was not the most skilled in physical combat, most of his kind weren’t. But then perhaps, maybe the blues weren’t either.

Renzdormu arranged his form, remembering to leave his eyes blue, and approached the house warily. The very ground seemed to hum with magical energy beneath his feet, and he could hear the faint vibration of the crystals that sprouted from the branches and vegetation, having over-run the forest long ago. She wasn’t angry at him knocking at her door, at least, she seemed more intrigued than anything else. Renner explained that the mage inside belonged to him, and needed to be returned to his own timeline right away, before he caused any more disruption. Hethurin had been bound with arcane shackles, which Renner thought a bit excessive. He hadn’t done anything wrong, had he — at least in her eyes — but she said it was only a precaution. Hethurin was still groggy when he stirred, and didn’t make much sense. He said that he’d come here for a dragonhawk, no doubt the one that now resided in the school’s stable. Why would he do something so foolish, even knowing what could happen? There were always unexpected outcomes, always. And he had done it all the same. Renner wanted to leave the shackles on to drive the point home, but then the elf started to cry. It was best to bring him back right away, before anyone at the school worried any further. He thanked the blue dragon for saving Hethurin. As much trouble as he had caused, him dying would have caused even more. She’d saved him a great deal of work. He asked if she liked cake, and told her about the winter ball that would be happening in their own time soon. Most likely he would have to bring her there, unless she wanted to wait several years, but he rather doubted that. Imagine what everyone would say, having a blue dragon at the mage school! Maybe she would even agree to help with the lessons, it would be more interesting than living in the middle of an empty forest.

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