[Story] Imralion’s Journal

I think Aeramin is doing his best to make sure Kavia doesn’t like me. I think it might have worked. He suggested that I invite her over to dinner, which I haven’t done before because I thought it would be really awkward for everyone. But he insisted, and I know he likes cooking for people so I agreed, plus it’s starting to get cold so there aren’t many places we can go outside now. He made these little pies with meat inside, they were good, and some rolls and sides and things too. Terellion made the cake, Aeramin brought it home after he was finished teaching. I don’t think the conversation went very well. Kavia kept asking if Aeramin liked her or not, I don’t know why she wants to know that. Maybe she already likes him and she wants to know if I’d be mad. I told her how everyone always likes him more, even people he’s not with anymore and are dead and shouldn’t even be thinking about that kind of thing. So Aeramin came out while the pies were cooking then, and I tried to change the subject. I asked about how the trip to Northrend went, I know Kavia didn’t go, but Lin did and she told me they got Orledin to come back with them. I was hoping maybe he would have decided to stay there so he wouldn’t cause any more trouble. Then Aeramin was talking about how Orledin is dangerous and I think that might have offended Kavia a little bit. Oh, and how long they were together and how Orledin knows all of these secrets about Aeramin. Things that I don’t know about. That didn’t make me feel very good, obviously. I don’t like constantly being reminded about all of his exes all the time. Then I thought I’d ask about Arancon, because I know Kavia patrols with him and she would know how he’s doing. I wasn’t trying to make Aeramin upset but I realize now that it probably wasn’t the best thing to ask. She talked about how it was getting really cold during patrol and since it’s her first winter out here I explained how it gets a lot colder than the city. She will need a good cloak, and boots and probably a hat, I offered to buy her a cloak but she said no. She will need one, why would she say no unless she hates me? It’s proof right there. Then Aeramin said that she should stay over which just about made me want to die, but Kavia said no to that too. She was talking about seeing me again but maybe she was just trying to be polite so she doesn’t have to dump me face to face. It was terrible. I walked her to the dragonhawks, she could have stayed, I would have gone downstairs or something. I wish I was good at stuff like this, I don’t know how Aeramin does it. I can’t exactly ask him for advice though.

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