[OOC] My Dragons!

So there’s a lot of talk around Tumblr about dragon characters, and I thought I’d list mine in case anyone is curious or has potential contacts with other dragon characters! They’d love to meet some! The Bronze are on an inactive account, so I’d have to use their nameholders, but everyone is available for storylines!

Renzdormu (Renner) (OOC: Horde)
Bronze Flight
Adult (though appears younger, as a large drake)
It is difficult to tell exactly how old a bronze dragon is, and especially Renzdormu who made a habit of traveling either way along timelines. At this moment in time, he appears as a large drake in his natural form, though his mind is quite clearly older. He fought alongside the druids during the War of the Shifting Sands, including Ornasse Evershade. He later returned with the druid to correct an anomaly in the timeline, but the elf caused a greater disturbance, nearly causing the timeline to be closed. More recently, Renzdormu was attracted to the Ghostlands by a mage named Hethurin, who was experimenting with chronomancy. The dragon agreed to take the elf on as his timewalker and teach him to navigate the timelines safely. Renner also oversees the training of two other apprentice mages at Fairsong Academy. (( By the way, that storyline took place before Timeless Isle was added, is it breaking lore if Blizzard makes the same lore as we did? 😀 ))

Zaradormi (Zarah) (OOC: Alliance)
Bronze Flight
A long-time associate of Renzdormu, Zarah has worked with him on many occasions. The two have a close bond that at times has suggested there is something more between them, but  they have never formally been paired or raised a nest. Now that it’s likely impossible, Zarah seems to harbor some resentment toward Renner for this fact, though both were too occupied with their duties to consider it. Zarah approaches her work with discipline and care, and often finds Renner’s loose approach insulting and downright dangerous. She blames him for the trouble caused by the rogue chronomancer, Sanimir. At this time, Zarah is training a human timewalker in Stormwind.

Talagosa (OOC: Alliance)
Blue Flight
Mature Adult
An ancient creature of magic, Talagosa has successfully raised numerous clutches with her consort (as yet unnamed — this could be your character!). He chose to ally with Malygos during the Nexus War, and his fate is unknown, though it is likely that he was slain along with the other rogue blue dragons. Talagosa oversees a handful of magical prisoners, including the rogue chronomancer, Sanimir. She regrets their captivity and hopes they may one day be rehabilitated, but keeps careful guard until that time. Though she might be perceived as callous and cold, she cares deeply for her family — including the errant mages she guards. Wise, quiet, and patient, Talagosa has a soothing presence that conceals her inner conflict over the loss of her mate and the rift in her flight. She most often appears as a human, and is an associate of Zaradormi.

Sorona (OOC: Alliance)
Green Flight
Whelp/Small Drake
This little green whelp escaped through the Dream Portal in Duskwood, only to flutter into a spider’s web and fall prey to its poisonous fangs. The druid Ornasse Evershade happened upon her, and was able to bring her back to health. She has been in his care ever since, growing into a healthy young drake. On his most recent dreamwalk, he encountered her mother, an ancient green dragon named Veridia, battling back the Nightmare. He swore to keep her daughter safe. Neither the druid nor Sorona know it yet, but Veridia ultimately lost the battle and has been corrupted. (They’ll likely see her in Legion!) As she is very young, she’s unable to speak, but Sorona displays infinite curiosity and a propensity for playing pranks — usually on the druid and his family, but sometimes on strangers as well. She is beginning to wander further from home, testing her wings and her independence. She is not able to change her form yet. (( Sorona is really too young to do anything in-game, but I put her here for potential green dragon contacts/family! ))


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