[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Letter

Dearest Sunashe,

We have arrived safely in Northrend, thankfully the flight from Dalaran was uneventful, aside from some snow flurries. I know Orledin didn’t plan to disappear, but I almost wish he’d done so in the summer rather than the creep toward winter. It’s already so cold, I can’t imagine that it could get colder, but the locals assure us that it will. I’m also thankful that we were able to take a portal to Dalaran rather than having to come to Northrend by ship, it would have added a great deal of time and I can’t imagine that being at sea in the winter is a pleasant experience. Outside of Dalaran, there are not really any large towns, we’re staying at an outpost with orc huts. They cut down on the wind, but that’s about all. I’m told there are some Taunka villages somewhere here as well, I’d think they at least know a thing or two about keeping warm. They do at least have a very large firepit, and keep it stoked at all hours, even during the night.

Thanks to the other death knight’s report, we have a place to begin looking: the Nerubian burrows. I guess that makes sense given how many times we’d gone into caves to squish spiders. I only hope we’ll be able to find him without too much trouble; I’ve never actually seen a Nerubian before but I’ve read they are larger than a person. Hopefully we don’t meet any, and hopefully no one makes any references to squishing spiders when it’s around. I’ve never really considered myself squeamish, either, but there’s something unsettling about going into an underground spider burrow, especially in this strange land. It doesn’t seem safe at all, I guess maybe that’s why they send death knights. I hope he’ll agree to come back, we all like him and miss him. If nothing else, he should come back for Pancat. The guys talk about Des and Vellira a lot, which I can understand. It just makes me miss you more though. The worst is at night when it’s cold, and I wish you were there to warm me. I wonder whether you’re too cold at home, and if you’re worried about me. Is Snowflake okay? I hope she’s eating for you and doesn’t miss me too much. I’m not really sure if a moth can miss someone, but you never know. It’s winter so her body slows down and she eats less, so she needs to eat higher quality food. Pero talks a lot about the dragonhawk he’s going to get. I am sure he’ll have lots of questions for you about training. Are the recruits still driving you crazy? I kept thinking of good lines while we were hiking but I didn’t write them down so I forgot them. Just imagine I’m saying them. I miss you.


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