[OOC] Why I’m not Excited for Legion

I thought I’d write down all my potential issues with the Legion expansion so, like I did with garrisons so I can come back 6 months after launch and be like “I told you so“.  In all honesty, I’d rather just skip it entirely but I do enjoy raiding with my various teams and I’d like to keep doing that. I’m just not sure if it’s enough to offset all my apprehensions.

Artifact weapons – Are cool in concept, I guess, though I still have issue with major lore weapons being given to players. No, the main reason I’m worried about them is they are yet another legendary cloak/ring grind that will make alts and off-specs difficult. “Oh there are catch up mechanics!” they say, well the ring has them too, do you want to know how many rings I have? One. The grind is just way too much, even with the bonus, not to mention the atrocious shipyard steps. Worse, most of the artifacts are just plain boring looking, no better than random greens or dungeon blues. Yeah, you can get a different skin, but if you’re a BM hunter (as mine are) for example, you are stuck with a gun unless you transmog it — which kind of defeats the whole idea of legendary weapons. Similarly, as a resto druid my weapon is a staff. If I want to use a mainhand and offhand I can’t, for the entire duration of the expansion. An RPG should never be about removing choice from the player.

Class halls – Yet another incarnation of the terrible garrison. I don’t want to hang around with a bunch of Horde druids, I don’t want to have followers, and I certainly don’t want to be “class leader”. What happened to the days when we were just nameless heroes in our capital? I’m also still really unhappy about rogues being shoved into the sewer, I may not play my rogue often but that alone is enough to make me shelf him for the duration of Legion.

No flying at launch – You’d think they would have learned their lesson on this one, but nope. Flying will be earned through an achievement, but not actually switched on until a later patch. Who knows when that will be. I have no problem “earning” flying (though we never had to before), but it should be obtainable on day one. I should not have to wait months and months for Blizzard to decide when I’m able to fly.

Class changes (and lack thereof) – I’m not really down with Blizzard’s new “class fantasy” buzzword, because they are the one dictating what the class is now about. I guess the biggest example would be my BM hunters. They’re now going to basically have Stampede up all the time, a gaggle of random un-named, uncontrollable wild pets. Need to stop DPS on a target? Sorry you can’t! In my mind, Beast Mastery suggests a strong bond between one pet and the hunter, perhaps it’s a “superpet” that offers buffs to the owner and raid — like they do now, but improved. Or maybe there are various moves that the hunter and pet can do together. I don’t know, they’re the ones paid to come up with this stuff. I also really dislike where they’re taking Combat rogues, oh sorry, “Outlaw”. As a name, Outlaw doesn’t make any more sense than combat, aren’t all rogues outlaws? I’ve always loved my rogue for RP but hated actually playing him, and I’d hoped the class overhaul would actually change that, but it seems like all they’re getting is stealth moves and poisons removed, and one quasi-ranged attack with phantom pistols. That’s… really not what I had in mind. Blizzard is the only game I’ve played that completely changes classes so often, seemingly just for the sake of changing them. I guess some would argue it keeps things from getting boring, but when you fundamentally change the way a class has played for years, you also risk alienating all of the players who formerly enjoyed it. They might be okay with it, or they might switch characters, or they might just quit outright. It doesn’t seem like a good policy considering how the last 6 months have gone. In SWTOR, I can pick up my Trooper 6 months later, and she still plays almost exactly the same.  Similarly, I’d hoped they would do something major with Mage, but… I didn’t really see any changes at all.

Just so it’s not totally negative though, there are a couple classes I am curious to try out. Demonology warlock is one, I was never a fan of the Metamorphosis mechanic and now that it’s gone I might enjoy the spec more. Mistweaver monk is another, while I’m bummed about the loss of fistweaving, having them no longer use chi will hopefully make their gameplay simpler. I’d love to have a healer alt for LFR or whatnot again.

Dungeon grinding – I don’t play Diablo 3, but apparently this is a thing there. Well, I played through the storyline once, and then never touched it again, because repeating the same thing hundreds of times over isn’t remotely fun for me. So now it’s getting put into WoW. I guess that’s good for those who enjoy it, but it doesn’t sound like fun to me. Especially if the dungeons are as bad as Warlords’ were. If I’m doing a dungeon, it’s because I am bored or need the reward, and I don’t want to spend a lot of time wiping or messing around in there. Making it more difficult every time? That’s what raids are for.



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