[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

First the news on Orledin: Sorrowmoss didn’t have any luck finding him in Undercity, but the letter I sent to Ebon Hold got a result. A death knight showed up on our doorstep, full armor and sword and everything. I think I saw Julan hiding around the corner from it. He thought Orledin had sent it to kill him or something. I haven’t talked to any death knights besides Orledin, so I didn’t know what to think, but he was business-like and to the point. He said that Orledin had indeed been to Ebon Hold, and had been assigned to a post in Northrend. That’s an awfully big place to find one death knight, I hope we’ll be able to find more leads than that once we’re actually up there. Oh, and the death knight wants to join with the rangers. I don’t see any reason why he can’t, though I’m more worried about finding Orledin first. Not just because we all miss his baking (because we do) but because he’s our friend and part of a team. That’s why I can’t understand why he’d just leave like that, especially Pancat. I know he loves that cat, and he seems so worried and lost without his master. He keeps walking into the kitchen and meowing like he’s asking where Orledin is.

I would go myself, I’ve been there before after all, but Nessna is due to have the baby any day and there’s no way I can miss that. For one because I promised I’d be there for them and of course because I want to see him or her get born, but also because I’m really scared something will go wrong. Perothis and Ty think I am worrying for nothing, they said there will be priests there and while that’s true, Isandri told me a lot of things can go wrong. Because I asked her and I can tell she was trying not to make me worried, but I read about it in books already. Nessna has done this before which probably helps, she knows better what to do and stuff, but things could still go wrong. I don’t want to think about poor Rylad losing both parents and I don’t want to imagine trying to take care of two small children alone. If anything happened to Nessna I don’t think I could go on, she’s the most important thing in the world to me. I mean, Rylad too but I kind of count them together. I think they would understand if they were in my place, I tried to get them to picture it but maybe they couldn’t. Perothis did say he was planning to move to one of the houses on the school grounds soon, once Des finishes her magic test. I guess he’ll take a portal every day. Must be nice! He also asked if he could get a dragonhawk, I said that was fine. He’s been saving up and he plans to buy one from the breeders in Eversong. It’s easier than trying to tame a wild one, for a first timer anyway, and the ones from the breeder are generally more docile. Plus you can find them in different colors, though some are really expensive. I will have to make sure there’s a stall ready for it, once it’s grown of course. When it’s small it can stay in the quarters with them.

I keep buying more things for the baby. Nessna says we don’t need it all and I guess she knows because she’s had one, but I figure we will need it all eventually. Like it’s getting to be winter so we need lots of blankets, and little socks and shoes. And a tiny bed for baby even though she said it will sleep with us at first. I mean, it will need its own bed eventually! I don’t even know if it’s a boy or girl. I haven’t come up with any good names, I feel like I need to so it won’t just be “baby” for a few days. Rylad is a good name. Pero and Ty said I should name it after myself if it’s a boy, but I think that would be a little weird and not to mention confusing. Naming cats is much easier!


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