[Story] Ghostclaw Rangers – Sorrowmoss’s Report

Report from Undercity

I arrived at Undercity without incident. There were numerous gourds around the entrance and courtyard, as well as bonfires. I do not know the purpose of these.

Spoke with the city registrar, he allowed me to look over recent records. There was no Orledin listed, though he may have used a different name. Suggested that I check in the market area, as most pass through there.

It is difficult to understand people without jaws. Or tongues.

I asked about armored elves but that appeared to be too vague as they all said they had seen many of those. Orledin may have changed out of his armor, as well. None reported seeing a raptor construct.

The water is green.

There are a lot of rats. Also abominations.

End report


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