[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

The trip has been nice so far. The inn where I used to work is closed now, but I kind of expected that. I suppose we could have still gone inside and stayed there, but I don’t think it would have been very safe. I doubt it would be very clean, either, having been empty all that time. So we got a room in Shattrath, and took dragonhawks out to the fields where the dragons live. I’m not sure if the one she knew was there or not, none came down to investigate, though we could see them circling overhead. I like to think that one of them was the one she nursed back to health. I wonder if he has his own hatchlings now, or I guess they might be partly grown by this time. Sometimes I forget how long ago it was, when she was just the pretty guest and I had no hint of all that would happen.

She looked beautiful in her dress. I wish we could have done something a bit more fancy, but she kept saying it was okay, and I think she’d rather that we did something for Lyorri instead. I have to agree there. Still, Ter made a really nice cake and it was fun having everyone in costumes. A lot of her family didn’t come, which makes me a little nervous. I don’t know if I’m more nervous that they didn’t come or if they had. They’re pretty well known and I’m sure they probably don’t approve, even if Kes is more than old enough to make her own decisions. Or maybe my father talked to them, I don’t know. I haven’t heard from them and I don’t really mind. I thought about writing to tell them about Lyorri, but I think she has enough relatives already. She’s staying with Aeramin while we’re here. Kes is worried that he might decide he wants to keep her. I guess I do a little. But I’m glad she can stay with someone that she knows, so hopefully she won’t fuss too much. We’ve never been away from her before, it’s only for a couple of days but still.

The rains have begun in the Ghostlands, so we’re done working until the spring. I will have to find something to keep me busy in the meantime, maybe I could learn to make furniture or something. I haven’t any idea how, or a place to do it, but I bet I could figure it out. I already fixed up everything around the house last winter, so there’s nothing left to do. We’re always busy in the summer — there were projects we didn’t even get to — so it’s such a change to go from that to doing nothing at all. I should ask Kes for ideas, she’s good at that. Before we leave, I want to visit the lakes in Nagrand, too. That’s the place in Outland that I miss the most.


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