[OOC] On second thought…

I just cancelled my account.

The more I learn about Legion, the more I think I don’t want to play it. Mostly, it hinges on whether or not the resto druid changes are good. I’m tired of having to relearn every class every expansion, it’s not fun, it’s not interesting.

I’ve already decided I’m not playing two classes, rogue and hunter. I hate the changes to my spec, they’re completely based on chance and you have no control over the wild summoned pets. Further, they have no attachment to the hunter, which is the opposite of what a “Beast Master” should be. And I’m stuck with an ugly gun for two years. If I could be another ranged spec with a pet, I would but… I can’t!

I read that they want healers to have to do DPS now. I don’t want to DPS, that’s why I’m a healer. I don’t want us to mess up on a boss because my damage wasn’t high enough. Oh, and we’re supposed to quest as healer spec now? I guess we wait for the mob to kill itself on my Thorns. That sounds like fun… you mean Thorns, the spell you took away only to give it back again?

The class halls sound awful. I am tired of being a commander. I don’t want to be a class leader. I just want to be my character.

I had a lot of misgivings about Warlords, but I decided to wait and give it a try — boy, I was wrong there. This time I know better.

It was on 3 months subscription, so I have time to make RP alts and change my mind if I want to.

One Response to [OOC] On second thought…

  1. I know that I have been waffling a bit with Legion, however, I did one preorder and I’ll stick with that until I see what else is going on. I’m not going to throw tons of money at the game again until I “know” how I am going to feel about it . I still have a ton of alts that I am playing that can go through Draenor for the next year. Hang in there, I’m sure that things will get better (I hope).

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