[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

The maze turned out great! It took a long time and Tik had to help me a lot. Malwen also helped me too, so she wasn’t scared by any of the things I put in because she knew they were all fake. She just laughed at them, maybe she was a tiny bit scared, because it was dark but I told her that I was her knight and I’d protect her. To be honest, it’s not really that great of a costume because it’s just my regular armor, plus a fancy tabard over it. But Malwen definitely looked like a princess, so I think that helped. I wish I could have ridden a hawkstrider around the yard but it was too crowded with all of the food and people. And the maze! I think about twelve people got lost in it. Tik said that no one asked for help getting out but maybe he was just saying that so they weren’t embarrassed. I held Malwen’s hand when we went, and of course I made it so I knew all the ways to go. I know she liked all of the candy and cake, there were apples and pumpkins too — I know Hethurin doesn’t like it though so I made a lot of chocolate things as well. Personally, I think pumpkin is great and I had three slices of the pumpkin cake. Hethurin’s father was there so I let him take Malwen for a while, he hadn’t seen her recently. Plus it gave me an excuse to go dance with him. Narise was a pea, or rather a pea pod. There were two peas and then her head was the third pea. By the time I came over though she had it mostly off, I guess she didn’t like it so much. Maybe she doesn’t like peas. Or maybe she doesn’t want to look like food.

We talked about students a little. Des is going to be taking her tests very soon, and probably Keyalenn as well. It will look great for the school to have two more graduates! I think we should make a little section with portraits of people who have graduated. Eventually it will be huge! Des plans to stay at the school and work too, so in the spring Hethurin is going to fix up the house next to my mother’s. I hope they will like that! Des likes kids so she shouldn’t mind having some next door, though they aren’t little babies so they aren’t too loud. I didn’t get to see too much of them because they were busy running around and getting candy, but they were both cats. Mother just wore a fancy blue gown with a mask that matched, I don’t think it was supposed to be anything in particular, but it looked really nice. I danced with her a little. I don’t know what to get her for the winter holiday, you know the gift giving one. I never know what to get for Hethurin either. It should be really special this year because we’re married and you are supposed to get people nicer presents if you are married. I thought about a dragonhawk, but I don’t think he likes them very much. Maybe a hawkstrider, but then he’d have to take care of it. Or get the stable lady to, I suppose. So he wouldn’t even use it much. The problem is that he doesn’t really need anything. I said maybe we should adopt another baby but he thinks it would be too hard with Narise. I guess he’s probably right. He’s also a little worried that Malwen might get jealous. I’ve never seen her act jealous, but he does have a point. Personally I think she loves having her own sister after being in the orphanage so long, but I should ask her what she thinks. I guess it couldn’t be for a few years anyway. I still don’t understand how someone could just leave them like that. They’re so good and so cute, who would want to just give them away? I’m glad someone found them and the orphanage let us take them. They definitely won’t be given away now.

I should get with Tik to ask him about decorations for the winter ball. It’s a ways away, but it needs to be really fancy! I have an idea I want to ask him about, using ice magic to make real icicles and stuff. I should ask Magister Raleth about it too I guess.


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