[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Diary

The mask party was so lovely! Keyalenn and I made bird masks last week, the Magister got a lot of glue and things, I went and bought some feathers too. They’re supposed to look like the birds that we got in the city. I got a sort of gold and brown dress to go with mine, and Keyalenn had blue and green. It looked really nice! I haven’t really had a chance to talk with him much since the visiting night, we’re always busy with our work and there are always people around listening. I had hoped we could go into the hedge maze and talk there. I saw that Des had the same idea! But it’s very big and the hedges are thick so you can’t hear very well in there. I thought maybe he’d talked to his parents but I don’t think he did. He just said that his father liked visiting the school, and talked to the magisters about his grades. Of course I didn’t talk to mine either, but I thought maybe he would. One of his friends from his old school is here now, Kindroth. I haven’t really had a chance to talk to him yet, but I’d like to. I bet he has all sorts of stories about Keyalenn. I just hope they won’t get into trouble again here, especially when he’s so close to graduating. Keyalenn said that his parents might make him move back to the city afterward, I hope that’s not true. Though he could always teleport I suppose, if he’s graduated he should be really good at portals. He said he’s working on learning polymorphs now. That must be really difficult!

We went into the maze a little bit. Terellion has been working on it for weeks, he put fake spiders and bats and things but I think the spider webs might have been real. I asked Keyalenn if he thought there might be ghosts in there, I mean, if there are ghosts on the grounds it is possible. One of the books that I read said that ghosts are more active on certain nights of the year and I wondered if it might be one of them. If I was a ghost I would show up to a mask party and frighten everyone! We didn’t see any, but we also didn’t stay in the maze very long. Keyalenn was talking about his room and how it has a fireplace and everything, and how everyone was out here at the party. He said we should teleport to my room so we could sit by the fire and no one could overhear us. I wanted to, but I also knew it was against the rules so I was a bit worried. If someone saw us we’d both surely be in trouble. He’s so good at kissing, and his ears are so nice. I might have touched them a little. I wanted to do more but he hasn’t even talked to his parents yet so I didn’t dare. And then he said he wants to go on a trip together! I have talked to Des, I know what kinds of things would happen if we did that. I mean, I want to, but. I suggested that he ask my parents about it and I don’t think he really understood what I meant. I’m not sure if they would agree to us going on a trip but I am pretty sure they’d agree to the other. Keyalenn said he never went on a trip with that other girl, but I wonder. He must have thought about it! He did say he looked at her ears, but he said mine are nicer. I’m not sure about that, I’ll have to look at her ears and see. I know she was at the party but everyone is wearing masks so I’m not sure which one she is. Maybe at the winter party.


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