[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

Things aren’t going so well right now as a Captain. I lost two of my rangers. The first was a fresh recruit, he wasn’t very talkative and I know he said he was used to killing Scourge. I explained about Orledin and Sorrowmoss and he seemed okay with it, unless he wasn’t really and was just saying that he was. Is that why he changed his mind? It could be. I don’t blame Orledin though of course, but I have a feeling that he blames himself, and that’s why he left. Orledin at least left a note, telling us to take care of Pancat because he can’t bring him with. That’s the part that worries me. Orledin loves that cat, and he must be going somewhere really bad if he’d rather leave him behind than bring him there. Perothis suggested that it might be the death knight city. I pray he’s wrong, but I don’t think that he is.

We started at the ruins, where Orledin had been keeping the raptor. Perothis and Julan showed me the tracks they found near the river. It appears that he rode the raptor (ouch!) along the river. I tried to give Perothis a little lesson in tracking, explaining that we had to split up and check both up and downstream to find where he rode out again. Unless of course, the raptor sprouted wings and flew. Luckily we aren’t trying to track a mage. We did finally find some more, leading south toward the pass. It was getting late and I wasn’t ready to take rangers past our borders just yet. What’s that direction? The death knight city, and the Argent outpost. I can’t imagine that Orledin would want to go to either one. There’s Undercity, but I’m not sure what he would want there, either.

I can’t well send living people to either, I don’t think it’s safe. I am going to write letters and see if I can get any response. I don’t really expect one, but I have to try. Sorrowmoss also agreed to go to Undercity and ask after him, which was a great relief because I wasn’t sure if she’d be willing. Though she wouldn’t admit it, I think she likes his company on her patrols, and they’re both undead so they both must understand each other a little better than a living person would.

Was his leaving my fault? He didn’t come to me about any problems. I thought he was enjoying himself here, everyone loved his baking and I was going to have his own cabin built so he’d have a little more privacy. There was the thing with Julan which I’m sure didn’t help, but I thought they were getting past it. Then again, Julan is acting a bit strange. We were sitting eating sandwiches that Perothis had brought from the school, thanks to Des. They were really good. We were talking about the mask party, I was saying that Rylad probably still wants to be a tiger, but that I hope he doesn’t try to pounce anyone like he does at home. We think it’s cute but one of the students might not. He waits under chairs and grabs people’s feet as they walk by and roars. Julan asked if he could wear a dress, I said I don’t see why he couldn’t since robes are basically a dress. Hethurin never said anything about rules for the costumes. Julan kept asking if Faeris, one of the other new recruits, had talked about him or not. I haven’t heard anything, neither had the others I guess. I just hope there won’t be any trouble with those two, either. But then Julan suddenly changed his mind and didn’t want to go, he said he wanted to stay home and guard the building. Seems odd to me, but of course I won’t force him to go. He’d really be missing out on a good party though.


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