[OOC/Screenshots] SWTOR – Knights of the Fallen Empire, Again

Now that I’ve completed the current storyline (almost) twice, I thought I’d write a little bit more. And put some Malavar screenshots, because he looks cool.

I’ve seen some people complaining about the difficulty, or rather the lack of difficulty. Personally, I don’t see the need for leveling/story content to be super difficult. There were times (pre expac) when I was stuck on a story boss and couldn’t proceed until I was able to get someone to help me. That’s not really very fun. There’s still room for challenging group content, or similar. I don’t know, it could also be because both of my max-levels are tanks, which in this game are super durable when paired with their healer companions. Like, I hardly ever died on Kazta before the expansion either, so I haven’t noticed much difference. In truth, I’d LIKE it to be easier to level for the ones of mine who have a tough time (Smuggler, Consular).

Supposedly there are going to be 7 more chapters in this “Season”, released sometime in December. If there will be frequent small updates, that’s a neat thing and I like it. However, I’m still missing the two crew companions that I most care about, and I’ve heard that they will eventually show up in those future chapters. I could go searching and find out, but I’m trying to avoid spoilers. I can be patient, as long as he’ll be there eventually — and they can be a couple again. Interestingly, Malavar (Sith Inquisitor) and Mr Hare’s Jedi Consular didn’t have any conversation options referring to their old romances, but Kazta did. Is Kazta/Kitty canon? I hope so!

The story is pretty much exactly the same between the two classes I tried so far, with the exception of the nightmare in Chapter Two. I am making different choices with Malavar, my hope is that one day it’ll eventually have different results. Oh, and he’s also flirting with one of the new companions.

At max level, it’s actually pretty similar to garrisons: You do quests to gather recruits/followers, do more quests to earn supplies which you can turn in for rep, and assault single player mini-dungeons. I realize now that’s THREE games that have forced me into a “Commander” role — but of all my characters anywhere, Kazta is the best fit for it, so it feels okay. And you aren’t stuck inside an instanced little town, either. Some of the recruits are really grindy to get, which I don’t really like, but if they were one of your original companions you don’t need to do it. For example, my droid M1-4X, if you aren’t a Trooper you need to play 25 PVP matches to earn him… uhhhh nope.

Enough text, here are screenshots of Malavar’s playthrough! These contain spoilers so be warned.

Well then. Guess he won’t feel too guilty about hitting on that Sith lady… Though it might be awkward if she ever shows up again. It’s interesting to compare this to Aric’s letter.

I love Senya!!! She’s one of my favorite characters in the expansion, I think it’s awesome that they featured so many female characters and not a single one wears slutty armor. I especially like Senya because she’s an older woman, well also because she’s a total badass. She and Kazta get along well!

Everyone loves HK-55.

So apparently Lana has been after Malavar for years… who is he to say no? 😛mal_moment

Ouch, Koth-blocked.


And here would be the part where Malavar’s playthrough diverged from Kazta’s 🙂


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