[OOC/Screenshots] SWTOR – Knights of the Fallen Empire Thoughts

Phew, well there’s a lot to talk about. I’ll put the screenshots and story-related thoughts behind a cut, and talk about actual game mechanic things in the first part. Since I’m a subscriber, I had early access and was able to start playing today. Except… what I didn’t know is that beginning the KotFE storyline locks you out of your other class storylines, which I hadn’t fully finished. So I had to backtrack and finish up the end of Shadow of Revan — I wouldn’t have cared too much except I did want to see what happened, and you also get a neat class-specific title for finishing it. This actually worked to my advantage too, because it meant I was nearly 63 by the time I even started KotFE, which obviously makes mobs/bosses easier to kill. I hit 65 during Chapter 5 (there are 9 in all, I believe).

Another big change is the way companions work. Previously, each companion had a specific role (tank, healer, damage) and could only perform that one. It did make them more unique, but it was restrictive because it meant that you had to always take your healer if you were a tank spec, for example. This could sometimes be a hassle if you were trying to level approval with a different one, or simply enjoyed using them more. Also, due to the class storylines, sometimes you didn’t get the companion you needed until really far into the game — for example Malavar didn’t get his healer until Hoth (around level 46). They’ve reworked it so that all companions can perform all specs, and can easily be switched as long as you’re out of combat. Also, you no longer need to equip them armor, all of their stats are based on yours, and their armor is purely cosmetic. It’s difficult to say for sure because I’ve only played Kazta so far, but it seems at least that my companions are more effective now. I did think it was funny to see that all of my companions seem to have misplaced their pants, however…


Approval was changed into influence, not entirely how that works yet but it seems to work in basically the same way. Elara’s approval is at rank 10, which is maximum. Apparently level 50 is max!

Another nice little thing is that if you have completed all eight storylines, your companions get a boost in effectiveness. That could also be why things died so easily! As well, you get a nifty little border around your player frame, like so ~


It’s a nice little perk, I would have worked toward it if I didn’t have it already. I guess suffering through Agent was worth something, at least!

Now for some screenshots. I’ve tried not to post any that are obvious spoilers, and I’m not sure how much of the story is class specific, as I’ve only done it with Kazta so far. There are some parts which seem pretty obviously Trooper specific, but I’ll see when I level Malavar. It’s very heavy in cut-scenes, which are really well done. They obviously put a ton of work into them, and they look great. The only down side is that can be difficult to take a break when you’re stuck in cut scenes for 20 minutes or more!

Finishing up Shadow of Revan.

This is from the FMV intro movie, this isn’t actual gameplay. But wow, it looks great!

So good to see my girl Kazta again!


😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

Like I said, the cut scenes are really well done. I liked the atmosphere in this one.

It seems like they improved the tech for faces and armor too, or maybe just new models. 

Space ladies being awesome together.

While the new companions are okay, I really miss my Havoc Squad crew. I’m starting to worry a bit that I’ll never see them again, which is worrisome because I really loved them. (I did find one, but things didn’t go as I expected. I’m curious if it always goes that way, or whether my approval was too low, or what.) I have two chapters left to go, so I’ll find out soon. The story has been really great and enjoyable so far, I am just worried that it might be too similar between classes. The next one I’ll do will be an Imperial, so it may have a different approach. We’ll see!


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