[Story] The Ghostclaw – Faeris’s Journal

The Captain said that a lot of the rangers keep a book to write down anything that happens when they are on patrol. That seems like a good idea, except nothing at all has happened yet, and I’m not a real ranger. I have to get trained first. The captain said the guy who would train me has one leg and a lizard. I thought that was some kind of joke or something, but he actually has one leg and a lizard. It’s huge! I never saw one that big. I mean the lizard. He asked me about a hundred questions about what I like to do and if I know how to do ranger stuff. Is he flirting with me? I told him I don’t know how to do ranger things, that’s why I’m here. To get trained.

The real reason is that my father said I have to do something. I don’t really think it’s fair, because my oldest brother does exactly the same things I like to do, but somehow it’s okay when he does it, because he’s the heir. And because he has to find a wife. Since my other brother and I aren’t the heirs, I guess we don’t matter and he doesn’t want us staying there. He gave me a lot of ideas for things I could do, and I thought ranger sounded the most exciting. I’ve been camping before and it was fun cooking things over a fire and sleeping outside, so I figured being a ranger would be like that. He made it sound like I’d be fighting trolls and Scourge and shooting arrows from the back of a hawkstrider and stuff. So far it’s not like that at all. They do go on patrols, but they said they hardly ever see Scourge and there are only troll ruins. The training guy did say there were giant spiders. That’s disgusting, I don’t want to get spider guts on me. They’re also really boring, like they all sit around reading books or something, and there’s no alcohol allowed here. We are at least allowed to go to the city so I can do it there. I saw a dragonhawk outpost not too far away. Speaking of that, there’s a guy from Murder Row here. I thought he looked familiar, he said he used to work there. I’m pretty sure I saw him at a couple of the parties I went to. He seemed to think everyone was pretty boring too, so maybe he’d want to go to Silvermoon with me. He also danced on the table so I could make sure it was actually him. He was going to do a full dance but the other guy stopped him. That’s probably for the best, it probably isn’t allowed here. It’s not that I really wanted to be a ranger, but the other alternatives sounded a lot worse, so I’m going to try and do it. The dancing guy said a crossbow is easier to learn at first than a regular one, so I will try that. Oh he’s also studying birds. Really, birds?


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