[OOC/Screenshots] New Pet Stuff!

It’s been an exciting few days for pet stuff in WoW. First there is the White Murloc Egg, found in Borean Tundra, that gives you a murloc pet! Here’s the WowHead link if you need directions. Since most people have already got theirs, it shouldn’t be too crowded now.

There are also some new decorations to make your garrison a bit more festive (and spooky). Level 100 characters can do four dailies which earn you special currency to buy them in your garrison. These were also pretty busy yesterday, but I suspect it’ll die down as the holiday goes on.


One of the decorations is a box of “creepy crawlies”, and it spawns three types of ghostly critters in your garrison. These can be battled and captured, they are level 25 but not too difficult. There’s also a spider rare who can drop a toy. If you don’t really feel like doing the dailies, you can garrison hop to someone else’s and tame them there. I saw several listed in the group finder yesterday, and I had mine open for a few hours for people to come tame pets.

Since I’ve had most of the holiday content done since 2009, I’m excited when new stuff is added! I think the daily system is nice, though a bit odd since garrisons will be obsolete in the next expansion. Still better late than never!


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