[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Notes

How do I know if I’ve made the right decision? I always try to give people chances, but I wonder if I shouldn’t have this time. Things have been quiet, so maybe we were due for some trouble. At first I didn’t understand what Orledin meant, he said he brought something back. I thought he meant like he carried it back in his pack. That’s not what he meant at all, he meant animating something back to life again. I had no idea he could even do that. From how he described it, he didn’t either, which makes it more worrisome. If he didn’t control it then, what if it happens again? I don’t want a lot of ghouls around here. Actually I don’t want any ghouls here at all, it’s already risky enough having him and Sorrowmoss here. We’ve got complaints before, there haven’t been any recently due to the precautions — they only patrol in the middle of the night, and they avoid the roads. But if people find out there are ghouls here, that’s going to be bad. Orledin says he can control it, but what if he can’t? There’s no way I want to risk anyone getting bitten or attacked by that thing, most of all Rylad and Nessna. But when I asked if he could un-animate it, he just looked so disappointed. I’m giving him a chance, I told him it could stay as long as it remained back at the troll village. I hope that wasn’t the wrong decision. I’ll kill it myself if I have to. If the head falls off, it would die right? I need to ask Nessna about that.

Oh, and he was with Julan there in the huts. That’s not a problem, if people want to get together that’s between them, I just don’t want anything going on in the sleeping quarters. But from the way Julan was talking, he never meant things to go that far. Apparently he was drinking at the wedding, he must have brought it himself because I know Lin and Sunashe didn’t have alcohol there. I’m not really happy about Julan smuggling alcohol in, either, I just really hope that Arancon didn’t get any. I know how lonely Julan has been, and how much Orledin hopes for someone to care about him, but I worry that feelings are going to end up getting hurt. I want everyone here to be happy and to get along, or at the very least be able to work together. I don’t want to have to send Julan back to Murder Row, and I don’t know where Orledin could go either. I said they ought to talk to each other, but I don’t think Julan much liked the idea. Maybe I shouldn’t have let him stay either? I don’t know.

I wish Nessna wouldn’t go out on patrols still. She’s had to switch to her special armor now. Any Scourge or bat could tell that she’s going to have a baby. I worry about her a lot.


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