[Art] OC-tober – Day 10

Today on “I Can’t Draw Weapons or Armor” is Kazta, the Zabrak Trooper from Star Wars: The Old Republic. She wasn’t my first character, originally I made a Jedi Consular and really struggled with the leveling and story. I was about to give up on the game entirely when I made Kazta and wow, what a difference! You know when you just really “click” with a class in a game? That’s how I felt about Trooper. And I just really like her design and voice actress (Jennifer Hale — FemShep from Mass Effect), as well as her companions. This is a post for another day, but I feel like her romance with Aric is one of the best and most realistically written, for one because they are partners and equals for the most part, rather than a creepy power imbalance than a lot of the romances. Also because he has his own character arc and how much he changes in the way he treats you. And he’s cute, so there’s that.

I’d really really love to be able to RP her, she’s attended a few cantina events which are basically SWTOR tavern RP, but that’s not really her thing. I haven’t had too much luck but if anyone is interested, she’s on Ebon Hawk! I’d also love to find an artist who can do her justice better than I can that I could commission, complete with guns and explosions and stuff 😀



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