[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

Everything was perfect! Orledin did such a nice job helping to decorate, it looked even better than I thought it would. I mean I went and got a lot of the branches and leaves and things, but he arranged it. I wonder if he used to host parties before, I bet he did. He could do it again for a job, if people didn’t know, I guess. Maybe he could have a secretary or something so people could hire him without seeing him. There were gold ribbons and little gourds and everything, Blinky had a ribbon around his neck. I was worried that he might try to eat it or something, but he didn’t seem to mind it thankfully. He looked so cute! I’m glad he was able to be there. Sunashe said that he gave him a whole bucket of fish before, so that’s probably partly why he was so well-behaved, he was too busy digesting to do anything else.

He did such a good job with the food too! Tik made some of it, but Orledin made the cake and some of the food, like we had little tiny bread slices with things on them that he made. The cake was some kind of spice and it had the most lovely cream frosting. Then it was decorated with leaves that were made of frosting but they looked real! I almost cried when I saw it because of how nice it was. We had cider instead of wine, because of Arancon, but I think everyone liked it.

My mother went with me to pick the dress. I got one that was red and gold, maybe a little boring but it matched the decorations really well, and I really liked it anyway. Sunashe said he did too, which was a relief! I was so worried he’d hate it or just not show up at all. I know it doesn’t make sense, but I was still worried that he’d decide he didn’t want to after all. I couldn’t even eat this morning because I was too anxious. But now that everything’s done I can relax and enjoy the party. I keep telling our mother that she should marry that fellow that she works with, but she just laughs. I had hoped it would give Im the idea to be more romantic and ask Kavia somewhere or something, but he seemed to be avoiding everyone. Mother, myself, and Kavia. I guess at least he showed up, I know he’s not especially fond of Sunashe but he should make an effort to be friendly because they are brothers now, kind of. I can’t believe how stubborn he is sometimes, I ought to warn Kavia about that too. It’s strange not being a Sunsorrow anymore! Sunashe’s name is so dramatic, it sounds like a swordsman or something.

I’ll have to ask the captain if we can go on a little trip, just for a few days. I know he won’t want to leave Blinky much longer than that. Sunashe didn’t really have any ideas, so I suggested the swamp in Outland. I guess because I didn’t go last time and I wanted him to be sure that I wanted him around this time. But he said it was too rainy there, so we’ll go to a different one, he said there are some in the southern part of the continent. That’s close enough, I can pretend. We haven’t been camping since we got the cabin.

I wonder if I should stop making tea, also. I mean, it’s really soon but we’ve been together for a while. Sometimes I think I should, especially when everyone is talking about babies, but other times I think I should wait. Mostly because I’m scared, I don’t know how to take care of them or anything. And I think it would hurt a lot. I should wait until Nessna has hers to see.


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