[Art] OC-tober – Day 8

Here is another of my WoW characters, Vajarra the Draenei priest! I was so excited for the release of Draenei that I had my character all planned out. She was going to be a priest, and I’d level her and her sister, Vassanta, with a friend while they RP’d. As it turned out, my friend got bored with that plan pretty quickly, so I rerolled my own version of Vass. Vajarra was my “main” in BC and most of Wrath, though I played Ornasse a lot then too. She’s a little more dainty and girly than most of my characters, but I enjoy writing her. She has a very long story about her and Vass that you can read here if you want! Currently she’s living in Feralas with Terivanis, the grumpy old druid.


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