[Art] OC-tober – Day 7

I am not going to draw all my WoW characters (because there are way more than 30), but I am going to draw a few really important ones. I’d say my first one is really important! I didn’t know anything about WoW lore going in, I’d never played WarCraft, only StarCraft. I knew I wanted to be a druid, because the class sounded really neat to me, and I ended up picking a Tauren because I thought the idea of being a huge cow was hilarious.

Tahanah was a peace-loving cow and never embraced the Horde’s bloodthirsty mentality. She lived on the border of Ashenvale with her kaldorei neighbors. In-game, she was faction changed into Tathariel, Ornasse’s daughter, several years back. In-character, she is the mother of Makota, my sunwalker, but was killed by orcs who mistook her for a bear.

She was the character who I first experienced WoW with, so she will always have a special spot in my heart. She did all of the druid quests including the seal form and the level 51 poison quest. She even attended the opening of the gates of Ahn’qiraj!

Bonus sketch of the janky old Horde cat form!



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