[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

It always surprises me how quickly the days change from summer to autumn, one day it’s sweaty and hot, then the next you’re shivering in the mornings. We’re working hard to finish up what we can before the frost comes, though the rain starts to delay things as well. We haven’t got a place to store materials to keep them dry, so we have to work fast to get it covered when it starts raining. The new houses are done for the school, as well as the bathroom for Malwen, but Aeramin also wants a new room added onto his house, and of course I want to fix up a few things in ours. I think I have time though, at least Kes hasn’t told me that I need to finish it anytime soon. And it’s mostly inside anyway, so I can work on it while it’s cold outside. That will be a nice project for the winter. It’s probably a bit too soon to work on a second room, but I can make Lyorri’s nice.

Aeramin has been visiting often, and talking about having her stay a night there every once in a while. I know Kes wants her to, so they have a good relationship, but I also know she worries about him changing his mind. It must be a really difficult position, he talked to me a bit alone after she went up to make Lyorri’s bath. He knows that she’s better off here with two parents, but I still think that he and Im could have done it just as well if they wanted to, that is. I guess that seems to be the key problem. I just know how long Kes has wanted to have one and she’s so happy now, even Aeramin can see that I think. The whole situation with Im is strange too, like he wants the extra room built so he can stay there when that girl comes over. Why does she have to stay over at all? I don’t understand it. He says it’s because she’s a girl, and he’s not. Well, obviously, but I don’t see why there has to be a girl at all. Aeramin doesn’t have one — well, I guess he has before. He said he didn’t like them but then he was with Lyorri’s mother and then he said he was almost engaged to one. So I don’t really understand any of it, I just nod and hope I seem sympathetic. I’m glad things aren’t too complicated with Kes. She was saying some strange things about how she’s glad she studied what she did, otherwise she wouldn’t be here now. Except plenty of mages came to Outland to study the dragons, she could easily have done that there if she wasn’t studying demons. She hasn’t been doing anything with them since Lyorri has been here, which is good. It does make me a bit nervous, especially once she starts walking and opening doors, she’ll put everything into her mouth. I mean, she already does, but she’s limited to how high she can reach which isn’t too high yet. I guess I just worry about her finding it when she’s older, and wanting to do the same thing. Of course she can study whatever she wants, but I hope she chooses something a bit more safe than demon studies.


One Response to [Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

  1. I’m so sorry, Ordinicus. =P

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