[Art] OCtober – Day 4

Oh no, my furry shame! But she’s a cute character and I wanted to draw her. This is my dog character, Shenandoah. Back in the olden days of the internet, they had MU*s, which were multi-player online chats but text only. A lot of these were set up for RP and I spent a lot of time in those. She was my character that I used, I also drew her to represent myself in a lot of cartoons and comics and doodles and such. Sometimes she was anthro (on two legs with clothes) then. If you search you can probably find some drawings I did of her without too much trouble, haha. As a character, Shen is quite a bit more naive and innocent than I am. She is a cross between a collie and a husky/malamute/x? sled dog.


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