[Art] OCtober – Day 3

Getting into characters that people might recognize now! In high school and college I was super into fantasy and dragons, I played Advanced Dungeons & Dragons with my then-boyfriend and some of his friends. Their group was a super-munchkined party of like, level 50 clerics and wizards who could basically kill gods. So, to level things out a bit the DM let me play a dragon. Since she was a gold dragon, I named her Auryanne. As I drew her, she evolved a bit, becoming longer and more slender, and gaining the fiery mane. (She also wears sun-shaped wing markings, but these are painted on and I don’t always include them, I didn’t in this sketch.) Auryanne in her present form is a sun dragon, she’s a hybrid between an Eastern dragon and the more typical fantasy dragon. As dragons go, she is gentle and friendly. She was more a personal avatar than a character, but lots of art exists of her!



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