[Art] OCtober – Day 2

Time for another embarrassing trip down memory lane! I guess technically speaking, this isn’t an OC, because it’s an animal version of an existing character. Except in my version he was reborn in it or… something, I don’t know. So it’s kind of borderline I guess, but this was a character that I drew literally hundreds of times. I’m sure some of my junior high friends still have doodles of him.

When I was thirteen, I went to visit my best friend for the weekend. She lived a few hours away so it was a whole weekend trip and I had to ride the Greyhound and everything. One night we were bored and decided to watch a movie, it ended up being the 1990 TV version of Phantom of the Opera. (Which incidentally, you can get on DVD here. I tracked it down years ago!) It’s a two-parter miniseries so it’s four hours long. I was completely hooked, I think there’s something about that story that appeals to adolescent girls, at least it did to me. This version is not a musical one, but it did by extension lead to my love of musicals, though I had seen some before that of course.

After we finished the movie, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I drew the Phantom as a fox (why? I have no idea), I think I’d decided that he was reborn in the fox’s body or something weird like that. If this was a colored drawing you would see that he is all white with grey “points”, originally he had a grey ruff around his neck but I dropped that shortly after. By his foot is a little grasshopper, named Hopper. In the novel, there is a mechanical grasshopper that plays an important role and he’s based on that. I drew this guy EVERYWHERE, on my school papers, notebooks, I even did a watercolor series of him in different scenes from the movie. Yeah.


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