[Art] OCtober – Day 1

There’s a thing on Tumblr where people draw their OCs (original characters) every day in October. I don’t think I have 30 of them, so I’ll do a few and then switch over to drawing Orny in various costumes or whatever. Seems like a fun way to get drawing more. Unfortunately, most days I won’t have time to do a computer-colored sketch, so they’ll probably just be pencil.

Anyway here is the oldest OC that I remember, for the TV show “Duck Tales”. I was obsessed with Duck Tales, I wanted to be an animator and it was my favorite animated show, I watched it religiously every day. I had a thing where I’d make “cels” by taping plastic wrap over the screen and pause the tape, then trace over the image with a Sharpie pen and color them in. I had these all over my walls. I’d also sometimes make them with my own characters. I don’t really remember too much about this character, other than his name was Bertrand and he was a famous artist in Duckberg. At one point I was pretty good at drawing the Duck Tales characters, not anymore lol.



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