[Story] The Ghostclaw – Vellira’s Thoughts

Ty told me about a holiday they have here where they bring all sorts of beer from all around the world for people to try. Well, it’s not here exactly, it’s in Durotar near the orc city. He said there’s also one near the dwarf city, and frankly I think the dwarves probably do better at beer than orcs, but I agreed that it was probably too dangerous. Also, Hethurin didn’t know how to make a portal there. Some of the others wanted to go too, Julan jumped at the chance to do something other than sit around in the mens’ quarters. I think Lin definitely wanted to, but Sunashe made a big point of saying how foolish it was to drink so much and how it would be totally boring anyway. I guess he has a point, with Arancon here, but it’s not like he had to go. And a few drinks are okay. I hope she can talk him into it later, because it was really a lot of fun. There’s music and little booths selling all the different kinds of beer, as well as different foods. They had a whole stand of different kinds of sausage, I thought Julan was going to lose his mind. Oh, and the cheese was really good too! There was hard cheese and soft cheese to spread on bread, and cheese with onions in it which you’d think would be gross but was actually quite good. They also had souvenirs like a hat with mugs on it so you can drink beer while you walk around, and the little tight shorts outfits. All of the people who worked there were wearing them, I’ve never seen clothes like that. Supposedly they are dwarven, but I’ve never seen dwarves wearing that either. I guess it would be hidden behind the beard.

Anyway, I suggested to Ty that he should get a pair and he went to try to play some of the games to get enough tokens. I think he might have got distracted on the way or something, because he was gone for a while. I talked to Julan though, which was good because we really don’t get a chance too often. He’s not really used to things here yet, which I can definitely relate to. I didn’t go into my past because I’m not sure if he wanted to hear about it, but we’re probably more alike than he thinks. I mean, I didn’t work on the Row, but it was still a big chance coming here from my old life, and I still think about it a lot. He’s really worried that no one likes him and he’ll never find anybody. I said that we’d probably get some new rangers eventually and one of them would probably turn out to like guys, though I know how that sounds. Nobody wants to hear about what might happen someday. He seems like the kind of person who lives in the moment. Nothing wrong with that, but it does make it hard to be patient. I also wonder if many people share his outlook on things, I mean, I know some must but most people just have one partner at a time. If he isn’t clear with whoever he’s with, there could be some hurt feelings. I know I wouldn’t be too happy if Ty decided he wanted to be with some other girl. It’s odd because it was never really something I thought about before I met him, because it never really came up. I was never with anyone long enough for it to be an issue.

Lin said that Julan is talking about getting a bird. I hope he gets a parrot so we can teach it to say dirty stuff.


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