[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

It’s supposed to be fall, but it’s still warm most of the time. There’s a little time left to do things like picnics and walk on the beach. Hethurin had the idea that I teach Malwen how to swim, which surprised me a little because he’s afraid of water and I figured he’d worry that she might drown. But I could teach her, if she wants to that is. I wouldn’t make her if she doesn’t want to. But in my experience, going to the beach is a lot more fun when you can go in the water! Tik and I haven’t got the things for the mask party yet, but we will soon. I’m really excited because Hethurin said I can use some of the bushes on the far side to make a spooky maze. I need to check and make sure there aren’t any real spiders and to make a path to be the maze. I am going to draw it on paper first, I think that would make it better. I’ll put fake spiders and some other scary things in there, maybe like a scare crow or something.

Anyway, I suggested to him that we have like a parenting visiting night, like they do at some of the schools in the city. He’s put up flyers to get more students and he said that some of them were already interested, but I think it would help convince some others. Plus it would get the word out and we’d seem more like a real school that way! Like they could see the practice rooms and the students’ rooms where they stay, and the garden. They’d definitely be impressed with Tik’s cooking and Hethurin said I should make a manaberry cake. I think they’d like that a lot too. Then all the parents could walk around and ask questions and see how good of a school it is. He’s a bit worried that everyone will think he’s too young, but for one thing he doesn’t have to say how old he is. He could just dress older and I bet no one will even ask. If they do ask, he could say how he’s not an old boring teacher and we do things new ways. I bet that would work, and if the parents don’t like that it’s better if they find out now instead of after, when their kid has been here for a while and already got to like it. Oh and we could put a big “Welcome New Students” banner or something. Hethurin is worried that some of the parents who come might be mad, like Mae’s, but I said we could just not invite them then.  Besides, Mae isn’t a student so they wouldn’t have any reason to be here. We could just have Tik make them leave if they came. I’m not sure if they are getting used to Gael or not, but I hope so. It’s a really dumb thing to be mad about. I wouldn’t care if Malwen wanted to marry a ranger.

He’s also worried that Malwen doesn’t have any friends out here. I feel bad because it’s something I didn’t even really think about until he brought it up, but he’s right. She has Narise, but she’s just a baby and she can’t talk about normal girl things with her. And she has her dolls, but that’s not the same thing either. Most of the estates out here don’t have any kids, and if they do, they aren’t Malwen’s age. I suggested maybe there’s other kids in Silvermoon she could see, like maybe a class or something. She could learn how to sew and make clothes for her dolls, I bet she would like that. We’re going to ask and see what she might be interested in. Narise won’t have any shortage of kids to play with, but they’re all much younger than Malwen. I guess there’s Vaildor and Kiandris, but I doubt that Malwen wants to play with boys. At least, she better not!


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