[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Diary

A lot happened this weekend! I already wrote about the Faire, so I won’t do that again. The Magister gave me permission to go down into the basement and look at the boxes and trunks that are down there. I honestly can’t believe no one has wanted to go down there and look for them yet! There are so many and the dust was so thick you could draw in it with your finger. I’m pretty sure there were also rats. But thankfully Keyalenn came with me and he made a light spell, so that helped a lot. It would have been really difficult to hold a lantern while I opened those boxes, plus it was like we were on an adventure together! There were a lot of records and papers, there was no way I could possibly have brought them all up to my room. Keyalenn offered to make a portal for them, but I was worried some might have bugs in them or something, so I just took a few of the ones that looked like journals or books. There were also clothes! They were super old fashioned but they were still neat. I wonder if I could make something from them, though I guess that might upset the ghosts. I think if I were a ghost, I’d be upset if someone made my clothes into a pillow or something. But then again I might not care at all since I couldn’t wear it anymore anyway.

Then of course the other big thing was that I got my bird! I haven’t named it yet. I think it’s a boy because it has the fancy tail feathers, and the man said that only males have bright colored ones like that. There’s a shop that only sells different kinds of birds, usually they’re for people to put in their gardens and things like that. But he said this one should be fine for living indoors, it’s not too loud and it mostly walks instead of flying. I’m just glad the Magister said it was all right! I guess if the bird starts to cause too many problems it could go and live in the garden. But I hope it can stay in my room because it’s really beautiful. When you look at it one way and then move to another way, it seems like he changes color. He’s so beautiful! I feel bad because I haven’t thought of a name yet, but I want it to be a good one. Keyalenn got one too, and we also got lunch. He didn’t kiss me then either. I’m starting to wonder if I’ve done something, but otherwise he was nice so I don’t know. Xarola said maybe he had bad breath, and it’s true his sandwich did have mustard on it. But I wouldn’t have cared! Or he could have got some of those leaves like she told me about. I would mention them but I don’t want him to think that he has bad breath if he doesn’t. But what other reason would he have? Des said maybe he doesn’t like doing it if other people are watching, which I guess might be true. But then if we ever get married he will have to!

Des helped Xarola and I move into the new house. She seemed a little like she wanted to move too, but she said she would miss her ghost too much, the little girl one. I’m a bit jealous that she gets to see hers so much. Melath must be more shy! Though I’ve been so busy I haven’t had much time to try to talk to him, and I feel bad about that. Hopefully once the weather cools we’ll spend more time indoors and I can. Oh, that’s another thing they suggested: I should go for a walk to the beach and just kiss him myself. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea, it’s awfully forward and I don’t want to look improper. And if he has some reason for not wanting to, I don’t want to force him and make it all awkward. On the other hand, I really want to kiss him again and it’s making me crazy that he won’t. So I don’t know.

Luckily I finished that book so I can work on reading the journals. The girl in the book ended up picking the guy who looked like Keyalenn. That was a good book.


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