[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Diary

The Magister decided we should all have an outing to the Faire. I think it was mostly because he wanted to take Terellion and Malwen, but he let everyone else go too. He even made a portal, which is good because it’s near the cow lands and I would rather not have to travel there the regular way! The forest is very dark and honestly a little spooky. Des’s guard Perothis came too and he kept saying there were wolves in the woods. I hope he was just trying to spook us! I think he was because then he said he would keep Des safe. It was romantic! Keyalenn didn’t say anything romantic like that, but he did say there were probably spiders and bats. Since Perothis is a ranger, I’m sure he’s used to dealing with things like that. I do think it’s a little strange, but Des said they don’t sleep out in the forest or anything. Plus, he must be very strong from shooting a bow, and probably in good shape too. But I bet he can’t do ice magic!

Everyone sort of went off in groups, the Magister and Terellion went with the girls, and Xarola and Vyn went around the edge of the Faire to look for plants. Xarola was really excited because there are some rare ones that grow there, or something. Salastion and Lhoris went around together and I think Zalindri probably joined them, but I’m not sure. Renner went off by himself and the clock elf didn’t go with, though he did ask us to bring him some food back. I guess he wanted to take advantage of the quiet for once so he can work!

I ate some sausage that was wrapped in bread. That was good, I liked it because you didn’t have to get a separate bun for it! There were also some wings but they were kind of spicy, and I really liked the cake. It was just fried dough with sugar on top, but they called it cake. There was an actual stand selling cakes, but they weren’t as good as Terellion’s. Perothis said that Orledin makes cake sometimes too, but usually fresh bread. I should ask if they can do that too, I bet Tik could. Keyalenn noticed that the ground had a lot of trash. I guess that’s because people don’t pick up after themselves. There were also some nasty things, like animal poo. They had a lot of animals all in little pens that you could look at. Oh, Perothis was talking about how he had a book about wolves, and you could train them to go on patrol with you. That got us talking about pets and what kind we’d like. I never had a pet, we never had the room for one, but I think a bird would be nice. Just a small pretty bird that sings, and maybe knows how to talk. That would be nice, and it wouldn’t take up much room at all. We just need to ask the Magister if it’s okay. He has a cat, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, but maybe the rules are different for students.

After we ate, Keyalenn and I walked down to look at the animals. I think Des and Perothis went into the forest! I’ll admit I’m a little jealous. Keyalenn didn’t say anything romantic at all, well he said I was pretty once, but that was after I’d just been walking through dirt and animal poo. I feel bad, I hope his robe isn’t ruined! We got our fortunes, mine said that good things are on their way, and his said that he will find something wonderful tomorrow. I thought maybe he’d say like, he would find me or something, but he didn’t. Oh they had fireworks! They were so pretty. I am going to ask the Magister if he can get them for our mask party. He should also get the fizzy drink, it’s really sweet and makes your nose tingle. Des said it would be fun to try kissing after, I didn’t get the chance to try that but I want to! I wonder if the sausage gave me bad breath or something, Xarola says there is a leaf you can chew to make your breath smell nice, but I hadn’t brought any along with me. I guess I should have! We saw some birds in the animal pens, one was huge! I don’t even think it would fit inside our rooms. There was a tiny baby elekk with its mother, too. It was really curious and kept coming up to the fence so we could pet it. His skin was rough but he was so cute. Keyalenn said he wanted one so he could ride it. I think he was joking.

He did say that we could go into the city and look for a bird tomorrow though. It will have to be after I finish moving my things into the new girls’ house. It won’t take long, one because I don’t have much besides clothes and books, and two because I’m sure someone can make a portal for us. It’s going to be exciting, we’ll have our own rooms but still be able to talk a lot. I am a little worried that I won’t see Keyalenn as much, but he thinks we will because the meals are still in the main school. I hope so. There might also be some new students, though I haven’t seen any yet. I hope there aren’t any girls who like frost magic.

Oh, I also need to go into the basement to open the trunks and boxes. I want Keyalenn to come with me because it’s dark in there and I don’t want to go by myself. The Magister said it was okay for me to look through them. But I don’t want to risk making any ghosts upset.

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