[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

Last night I stayed a little late at the school, I’ll admit it was mostly because Lyorri was there and I wanted to see her. She’s so cute! She has the most beautiful hair. I think every girl will be jealous of it when she’s older. Magister Firewind has been spending more time with her, which I think is good. I never say anything, but I do worry about their relationship when she’s older. I think he does too, which is why he’s making efforts so she’ll know him and like him. He was telling Kestrae that he wants a sling so she can be in class with him, like the Headmaster does with Narise. That isn’t a bad idea! Though I think Zaeris is getting a little too big for that, plus he’s putting anything he can grab into his mouth. That could be bad in a magic classroom! I think Kestrae was a little hesitant, I know I would be if someone wanted to take Zaeris most of the day. I mean technically he’s her father, but she is taking care of her and has got attached. Her poor husband is working a lot, they’re all trying to wrap up the projects before it starts to rain and get cold. But then they’ll basically have the winter free, sometimes I wish Gael did that still so I could see him more. But I think he really enjoys being a ranger, even though he has to go out in the middle of winter when it’s freezing. At least he has a hat and sweater so his ears don’t freeze off! I was telling Magister Firewind that I hope my next baby is a girl so I can put her in dresses and put little ribbons in her hair. I haven’t brought it up with Gael yet, but I don’t imagine that he’d be opposed. Of course it wouldn’t be for years yet, I want to make sure they have some space between them. I never had any siblings, but I’ve read that’s better. Caring for two babies at once would be difficult!

Magister Firewind was also talking about the Faire. He said Lyorri really liked riding on the ponies and looking at everything. I bet Zaeris would like it too, I mean, he couldn’t do a whole lot but he would definitely like those I think. And he enjoys riding on Gael’s shoulders and he could do that the whole evening! He thought it was a good idea, I hope he’ll be able to take a patrol off. From what he tells me, it isn’t very busy right now so it shouldn’t be a problem. I feel bad for Magister Firewind, and mostly for her. It doesn’t sound like Imralion is very interested in being around her, which must be very difficult for Magister Firewind. Of course he loves him, but his daughter is more important to him, as she should be! I’m just thankful that I don’t have to be in a situation like that. I am so lucky and I never forget that.

My parents sent some clothes and things for Zaeris, I plan to meet with them soon in the city for lunch so they can see him. If they don’t say anything awful about Gael, I’ll ask about inviting them over to our house for dinner. They really need to get over the fact that he’s not some spoiled city brat!


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