[Story] Imralion’s Journal

It was Aeramin’s idea to invite Kavia to the Faire. I think it was partly because he was already going with Lyorri and he didn’t want it to be too weird. Though it was still kind of. I wasn’t sure if Kavia would even want to go, I mean it’s fun but it’s also in a weird forest and there are a lot of strange people there. It’s not everyone’s thing. But she did! She was actually really excited about everything and asked a lot of questions. I told her about the food, she asked what my favorite was and I said the spicy wings. I like anything that’s spicy! They have them in different levels of spiciness, which is neat, and they have funny names for them. Like the hottest are called “Fel Fire” and there’s another which is “Molten Core”. I didn’t buy the super hot ones, because I know a lot of people don’t like that. But Kavia said they weren’t too spicy, so maybe next time we’ll move up a level. If you can stand it, it’s not hot enough! Kavia said she might ask Orledin to make some at the ranger building. That would be good, I bet the rangers would love wings! She said it would be good on bat, I’m pretty sure that’s not safe to be eating. They should come eat real food at the school. We also ate some funnel cake, I like those. Some of the other things are strange, like the pickled kodo foot. I bet people make bad tauren kids eat those if they’re naughty.

We walked around and looked at the games and rides and stuff. I figured she’d like the shooting game, but she said that she doesn’t know how to shoot a gun, only a bow. I didn’t know it was that different. I should ask if Lin knows how. She thought the tonks were really neat, they are little machines that you can drive in an arena and try to crash into the others. If your tonk survives, then you win. That’s a lot more fun than throwing rings onto a poor turtle — and also more challenging. She didn’t try to go in the cannon, thankfully. We also got our fortunes done. She didn’t tell me hers, mine said that good things take time. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to mean her, or what. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything at all, I mean how can a gnoll see the future anyway? We decided to sit on the dock and watch the fireworks, but I guess it was too early or too cloudy because we didn’t see any. I hope she wasn’t too disappointed. I think things were doing okay, then Aeramin walks by riding a pony with Lyorri. I think he did that on purpose. I did suggest that she come along to Shattrath next time that we visit, I’m sure Aeramin won’t mind. She’d get her own room of course, she said she was relieved because it would have been weird. I guess she’s right, but still. I’ll have to take her to the restaurant so she can try talbuk steak, and the spicy vegetables they have there. We had to go after that, it was getting late and Lyorri was getting tired. Aeramin said he was looking at pygmy cockatrices. Was that supposed to be a joke?


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