[Story] Vassanta’s Journal – To Draenor

Dear journal,

I haven’t written here for a long time. I guess that’s because usually there’s nothing unusual going on. Jaeyn and I go hunting, or we practice our bows or swords, and go exploring with Dog and Sketch. It’s quiet but it’s nice. Then I heard about the portal in Shattrath, and ever since then I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’d brought it up a few times before, but he didn’t seem especially interested and I didn’t want to push it. I know most elves don’t like taking portals, because they don’t like using magic stuff. I tried to forget about it, but I couldn’t. I kept thinking about if my father and mother were really there, and how much I’d like to see them again. We were eating in Shattrath, and Jaeyn remarked on how empty it was, so I brought it up again. I told him a lot of people had gone to the portal to the other Shattrath, and maybe we could go too.

I have to admit, it does sound like a crazy idea. He asked how it works, and I said I don’t know exactly. I don’t know any magic at all, so I’m the last person you want to ask. I assume it’s like a regular portal, except somehow it’s also able to go to an earlier time instead of just another place. I don’t know if it makes you younger, too. That would be kind of strange. I mean, it must, right? Jaeyn also wanted to know what would happen if I saw myself there. That’s a good question. It would be pretty weird. I guess I would talk to myself? Aren’t there things I would have liked to say to my younger self? Definitely. And I would listen to my own advice, wouldn’t I? Jaeyn was also really curious about the animals and things. I explained how it was in the past, so Draenor hadn’t exploded and the magical energy hadn’t affected things yet. So while some of the animals and plants would be the same, others would be as they were before the explosion. Like there probably wouldn’t be any mana wyrms, things like that. He asked about fish, I said there were more fish in this Draenor, because the oceans and lakes were still there. Also, they weren’t affected by magic, so more of them would be safe to eat. I remember going fishing with my father when I was little, maybe we could do that again, and Jaeyn could come with. I’d like that.

I was a little worried about whether he’d like Jaeyn or not, I mean, he’s obviously not a Draenei. But no one had ever seen a night elf at this point, so they shouldn’t have any bad opinions about them. I figured he would be a good ambassador, they would see what a good hunter he is and be impressed. I told Jaeyn about the rangari, and how I thought he’d like what they do. Maybe he could be one. Jaeyn thought that a rangari was a really giant toad, because of how the word sounds. I told him if we found a really giant toad, we could name it that. I’ve seen toads in the marsh, but they weren’t giant, just regular toad size. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I figure we could add it to the islands for an attraction. If we end up staying on this Draenor, they could be actual islands with water!

He did say that sometimes meeting people again didn’t always go as we planned. He was talking about his brother, but now I wonder if somehow he knew and was trying to warn me.

Jaeyn said the portal felt weird, but thankfully he didn’t have to go pee. I guess that’s because he went before we left. It felt like walking in a dream, to see all the same places again after all those years. I was surprised and sad to learn that there was fighting in Shattrath, but it was demons, not orcs. I guess that’s something. But I was so excited to show Jaeyn around and we wouldn’t be able to if there’s fighting going on. Still, I asked if Valadaar was working and they told me to check one of the villages close by. I practically ran the whole way! People stared at Jaeyn a little, but not too much. I guess some night elves had already come through the portal before us, so they had seen a few. They might have been staring because of his fake tail, or because they thought he was a dragon. He’d worn his dragon armor. I wore my good Shattari armor, because I wanted my father to see it. I knew he’d be proud of me.

I couldn’t believe how young he looked! I went up to him and I wanted to hug him but the puzzled look made me stop. It’s me, I said, but he still looked confused. Don’t you remember? He said he thought I was playing a funny joke, but he didn’t know who I was. How could he not know? What about Vajarra, I asked. Who? And mother? He didn’t have a mate, he explained, he was busy with his work and hadn’t had time to meet anyone. It had to be a mistake, everything was supposed to be the same! He was my father, but he wasn’t really, he was a stranger that looked like him, which was even worse. I’m ashamed to admit that I cried. Jaeyn didn’t say anything, he just held me and let me, but I’m glad he was. It would have been even worse if he wasn’t there. I hate crying, I hate feeling like this. And I hate knowing that my hope of seeing them again was just that, hope. Nothing real.

Just so it’s not a wasted trip, we’ll go exploring and catch some fish for the next couple of days. I don’t want to talk about it, but I should. At least I know Jaeyn will understand and not laugh at me.

Bye journal,


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