[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

I haven’t had much time to write in my ghost journal! First, classes started up again so now I’ve got all of this reading and practicing to do. I don’t mind, of course, it’s really fun especially when I finally get something down that I’ve been trying for ages. But it does take time, so I’ve not even had a chance to try to contact M again. There’s also the book that Xarola loaned me, the one about the blond mage. It’s called “Unbound Lily” which is because the girl in the book is named Lily, but I think it’s also supposed to be like a symbol for her, or something. I guess she’s unbound because in the beginning of the book, her husband dies in a war except he shows up later on in the book so he wasn’t actually dead. It was a mistake because they thought the dead person was him, but it wasn’t. But before that she meets the handsome blond mage and at first she thinks he’s really arrogant and rude but she eventually falls for him. Keyalenn isn’t arrogant and rude, so I just kind of ignore those parts. He’s a bit better later in the book when he starts to fall for her too, and I imagine him saying some of those things. I think I’d laugh if someone said some of them! Then just when it seems like everything is going well, the husband returns and of course he wants to be with Lily again, but she’s found the handsome mage. So I want to know what happens, I tried to finish it the other night but it was too late! If I don’t get to sleep on time I’ll be tired and won’t be able to work in class.

I did get a chance to talk to Tik a little bit about the people who used to live here. I’d hoped he would know some of the older history, but at least he knew a lot about the Dayseekers. He actually knew them when they were alive! It must be a little strange to live in a place with the ghosts of people that you knew in life. Definitely creepy. Melath lived on the grounds in one of the smaller houses, and he came to visit the large house often. Tik said that he was always happy and smiling, but he thinks he was lonely because he didn’t have a family of his own. I hope that means that he’ll want someone to talk to him. Maybe he’s just shy. Des thinks the little girl ghost is shy, and that’s why she hasn’t made herself known to anyone else. Tik also said that Melath liked money a lot, I wonder if I left some out if he would show himself? I’m going to try it. I left some coins on the window sill. I will see if they are gone in the morning. The only person who could take them is Xarola and I told her not to! Tik did say there are ghosts in other places too, but he is not sure which ones they are. There’s one in the stable, it doesn’t frighten the hawkstriders so he thinks it’s the  man who used to work in there. That would make sense! Then he said there’s some in the woods, like Keyalenn said, and he thinks that his mother walks along the path to the cliff. I would be super scared if the ghost of my mother was walking around! He said he doesn’t really talk to her. I wonder why.

Oh, Keyalenn took me to see the painting. It’s not done yet but it already looks so good! It looks just like a painting from a museum or something! I guess I figured it wouldn’t be very good because it was a young kid doing it, but he’s really talented. I can’t wait to see it finished, it’ll make my room look so fancy! Xarola and I are hoping that we can move into the new house. Then we’ll still kind of live together, but have our own rooms. I don’t mind sharing really but I won’t complain about my own room either! It should be any day now, they are just finishing up the last little details. I wonder if my parents could send some more of my robes out here.


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